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Aleksandr Kerensky

Aleksandr Sergeyevich Kerensky (16 December 2700 - ????) was the foremost general of the Star League who later liberated Terra from the rule of the usurper Stefan Amaris. Later, after the collapse of the Star League he lead the vast majority of the survivors of the Star League Defense Force (SLDF) on an Exodus into the Deep Periphery.
Life and career

Born in 2700, Aleksandr Kerensky studied at Tharkad University, where his achievements eventually earned him a place in the Nagelring. He later enlisted in the military of the Star League. His rapid progression through the ranks coupled with his own personal charisma and integrity earned him the respect of his troops and made him famous throughout the Star League. He eventually became the highest military officer of the Star League Defense Force. Of this phase of his career it is known that Aleksandr Kerensky himself gave the specifications of the new ''Atlas'' BattleMech: "a Mech as powerful as possible, as impenetrable as possible, and as ugly and foreboding as conceivable, so that fear itself will be our ally."
In 2751, the First Lord Simon Cameron died, and his eight year old son, Richard Cameron II, became First Lord of the Star League. The five House Lords gathered on Terra and appointed General Aleksandr Kerensky as Commander-in-Chief of SLDF, and as ''Regent and Protector of the Star League'' for the remainder of Richard's minority.
Amaris coup

While Aleksandr Kerensky was away commanding SLDF forces deployed in the Periphery suppressing rebellions, revolts, and movements of secession, the Terran Hegemony was usurped by Stefan Amaris of the Rim Worlds Republic. Amaris had masterfully deceived and manipulated Richard Cameron II, and had carried out the Amaris coup in 2766. Amaris usurped the throne and murdered Richard and all remaining Camerons.
Amaris-Kerensky Civil War

Amaris tried to gain Kerensky's loyalty but in 2767 the Amaris-Kerensky Civil War began. In response to the usurpation, the SLDF conquered and destroyed Amaris' native Rim Worlds Republic in 2769.
After regrouping and consolidating all available forces, Kerensky launched Operation Terran Hegemony, a campaign intended to reconquer the entire Terran Hegemony. He divided his forces up into three groups, one to travel through each of the accommodating houses toward the Hegemony.
In the early stages of the campaign Kerensky's forces reclaimed some of the Hegemony worlds, but paid a very high price in lifes, military equipment, and resources. As Amaris' forces withdrew to regroup, Kerensky's army advanced further, finally capturing the worlds closest to Terra.
On the 23rd of January 2777, Operation Liberation, the final phase of Operation Terran Hegemony began, and SLDF soldiers coming from eight worlds advanced towards Terra. On the September of 2779 the SLDF finally re-captured Humanity's homeplanet after a costly battle with over 100 million total dead. After discovering the fate of Richard Cameron and his family, Kerensky ordered the execution of Stefan Amaris and also of the usurpers' family.
However the Hegemony was devastated and largely in ruins and, worst of all, there was no rightful successor for the position of First Lord. With increasing disappointment he saw that the feuding House Lords were simply unable to choose a new leader of the Star league.
A year later, on the 10th of October 2780, the Council Lords gathered and stripped Kerensky of his title of ''Protector''. Ten months later, the Lords had not chosen a new First Lord, each claiming the title and position for him or herself, and the Council was dissolved by the Lords on the 12 of August 2781.
Kerensky refused a proposition by General Aaron DeChavilier to overthrow the House Lords. The reasons for his refusal are unknown.
Operation Exodus

In 2784, after months of deliberation and reading the signs of a eminent war, Aleksandr gathered all of the surviving SLDF and offered them the choice to depart the Inner Sphere in a self-imposed exile. 80% of the remaining SLDF choose to follow him.
In Operation Exodus six million men, women, and children followed General Aleksandr Kerensky into the Deep Periphery towards an unknown destination and future. This act effectively completed the collapse of the dying Star League. It was his dream that he and his followers, or most likely their children, would eventually return to rescue a devastated Inner Sphere and reunite it under a new Star League.