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Anton Marik

Anton Marik

Anton Marik (b. 2960 – d.3015, aged 56 years) was the brother of Captain-General Janos Marik of the Free Worlds League, as well as the Duke of Procyon. He would orchestrate the Marik Civil War.

Early Life and Career

Anton graduated from Princefield Military Academy in 2981 as a First Lieutenant and was posted to the Third Marik Militia. Fighting on the Capellan Front he won a string a victories. In 2989 at the age of 29 he assumed command of the Third, the youngest commander in the Militia's history and a position he held for ten years. He was promoted to the rank of General by his brother in the year 2991. He was later promoted to commander of the entire Capellan border in 3002.

Prelude to War

Despite being considered a confidant by Janos, the two would clash frequently during the failed Marik offensives of 3001 to 3003. Many consider this the seeds of later troubles. As early as 3003, Anton began communicating covertly with Chancellor Maximilian Liao of the Capellan Confederation, slowly planning a move against Janos. In 3014, Anton Marik met with Chancellor Liao on Terra. Liao promised Anton Marik his support in a rebellion against Janos, most notably in the form of Wolf's Dragoons, the elite mercenary unit five regiments strong. Maximilian also promised Anton a betrothal to his eldest daughter, Candace Liao.

Marik Civil War

On May 22, 3014, Anton Marik formally declared war against his brother's reign. Calling Janos a "madman" and "tyrant", he called upon all the provinces of the Free Worlds League to join his rebellion. Although many units and systems did flock to his banner, it was far less than what he'd expected. Rather than be devastated by his brother's betrayal, the war seemed to raise Janos from a long torpor. The Captain-General rallied his forces, soon putting Anton's supporters on the defensive. Severely handicapping Anton was the discovery that he was receiving support from House Liao, a fact that angered many. 

By February 3015, the rebels controlled only a few remaining systems. The mental strain this placed on Anton was tremendous, and had started to show. At his headquarters on New Delos, Anton met with Jaime Wolf, ordering the mercenary commander to break his unit down into company-sized forces, and distribute them among the remaining rebel troops. Anton had hoped that this would slow the advance of Janos' forces. Wolf refused, citing the contract that had been signed. This led to a falling out between Anton and Wolf's Dragoons that had devastating consequences. 

Anton promptly ordered the arrest of Joshua Wolf, brother of Jaime Wolf, and 27 other Dragoon personnel and dependents. (It would not be revealed until years later that Jaime Wolf's wife and two daughters were also among those taken.) Joshua Wolf and the 27 others were soon executed. Anton then sent a message to Jaime Wolf, announcing the arrests while concealing the executions, and using the prisoners as hostages.

Death and Aftermath

Wolf's response was swift, as all of Wolf's Dragoons descended on New Delos. After three days of fighting, Natasha Kerensky led her Black Widow Company through a forest fire, attacking the rear of Anton's palace and ultimately killing him when a wall collapsed on him. The Dragoons promptly destroyed every remaining rebel unit on New Delos. Anton's rebellion died with him. In a twist or irony, Janos promptly offered Wolf's Dragoons employment with the Free World's League, which Jaime Wolf accepted. Though his brother Janos would rule for another 20 years, he was ultimately assassinated during the Andurien Secession.


It has been suggested that Anton was acting on false information from ComStar when he moved against the Dragoons. It is further speculated that he had been under ComStar's influence for some time.

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