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The Coordinator of Worlds, usually abbreviated to Coordinator, is the head-of-state of the Draconis Combine. He is essentially an absolute autocrat and commander-in-chief of the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery. The office is firmly in the hands of House Kurita.

Many Coordinators have avoided to exercise their power directly, allowing those around him to take care of most business. The office's mystique is as important than his actual power. In order to preserve this mystique many Coordinators have issued their orders indirectly, sometimes in the form of a riddle or haiku.This tradition places full responsibility upon the official or officer in charge. In case of success he will be praised and rewarded for successfully carrying out his instructions. In case of failure he will be blamed and perhaps even punished as he "evidently" failed to carry out his orders in a proper manner.

For all its immense power, the office of Coordinator is not an easy one to hold. Being essentially an absolute dictator he will be held responsible for most major successes and military victories but also for most failures and military defeats. A high number of Coordinators have fallen victims of assassination. It is an open secret that many of these deeds were committed by young fanatical military officers of the Draconis Combine or by covert intelligence operatives of the Internal Security Force.

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