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House Kurita

House Kurita

House Kurita is the ruling family of the fearsome Draconis Combine, the only Great House that proclaims unabashedly its right to rule all of the Inner Sphere. House Kurita has dominated the Draconis Combine since its founding in 2319 by Shiro Kurita, who imbued the state with its strong Japanese culture from the capital New Samarkand, which would eventually move to Luthien in the twenty-seventh century. Embracing "the way of the warrior," the Draconis Combine has had a long history of antagonism with and aggression against its neighbors. Personal honor and a self-reliance bordering on xenophobia are also encouraged by House Kurita. 

The Draconis Combine suffered significant territorial losses to the Federated Commonwealth during the 4th Succession War, mitigated somewhat when it willingly allowed the creation of the Free Rasalhague Republic as a buffer between it and the Lyran state. Greater losses were suffered at the hands of the Clan invaders, but in a historical turn of events Luthien was saved when the Kuritans allied with their traditional enemies against the Clan invaders. This ultimately resulted in the reconquest of nearly all Combine worlds lost to the Clans thanks to the Second Star League.

Notable Personalities

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