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House Marik

House Marik

The Free Worlds League, the oldest of all Successor States, was long ruled by House Marik as a matter of custom rather than decree. Founded in 2271 after the collapse of the Terran Alliance, the League was an open, multicultural state, consisting of many great and small realms loosely joined together. It was also the only one to lay claim to being (on paper at least) a true democracy, with Parliament meeting on Atreus. This same openness also left the state politically fragile and frequently riven with instability; throughout its history the League fought against itself almost as much as it did the neighboring Lyran and Capellan nations. House Marik relied heavily on free trade and technological advancement to keep pace with its rivals. 

The Free Worlds League was untouched by the Clan invasion, allowing it to become the industrial base to supply the other Successor States in fending off the invaders. The League underwent an economic growth that quickly made it one of the richest Successor States. However, during the ComStar Schism House Marik chose to side with the Word of Blake. The dire result of this alliance was the Free Worlds League's destruction during the Jihad, though efforts to reform the League during the 32nd century have taken place.

Notable Personalities

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