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Janos Marik

Janos Marik

Janos Ricard Thaddeus Marik (b. 2957 – d. 3035, aged 78 years) was the eldest son of Captain-General Stephan Marik. He succeeded his father to the Captain-Generalcy of the Free Worlds League upon Stephan's death in 2991. Janos ruled the League during the end of the Third Succession War.

Early Life and Career

Against his father's wishes, Janos attended Princefield Academy in Oriente, the first time in decades that a Marik did not receive his or her training at one of the League's military training centers on New Olympia. During his time there, his outspoken and easily offended nature showed which led to six separate honor duels. He graduated in 2979, shortly after his twenty-first birthday. He received both his commission as a lieutenant in the Free Worlds Guards and a Rifleman from his father. Janos later left the Guards to take over command of the First Atrean Hussars. In 2988, an officer in the Orloff Grenadiers attempted to entangle Janos in a plot against his father. The military coup was crushed in its infancy, resulting in the death of Duchess Morgaine Humphreys in 2989.

When Stephan Marik died of cancer in 2991, Janos succeeded him after giving a long eulogy. He was confirmed on 2 September, at the age of 33.

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