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The Frontiers of Known Space

The Frontiers of Known Space

The peoples of the Inner Sphere often consider themselves the epitome of technology and culture and relegate the denizens of the frontiers of known space to second-class citizenry, or worse. And yet it took the combined armies of the Inner Sphere more than twenty years to subjugate them during the forming of the first Star League half millennia ago. The Magistracy of Canopus, Taurian Concordat, Marian Hegemony, Outworlds Alliance and Circinus Federation make up the nations of the periphery. Each is a unique star-spanning empire whose hardy-people have carved out their freedom with bare hands; an identity they will not give up without a fight. Even the Great Houses have begun to learn that underestimating these Periphery States is dangerous indeed.

Though battered and bloodied by piracy, torn by internal revolt, and hammered by dictators, the people of the periphery have survived. Though most were unable to throw off the yoke of servitude to petty princelings, a handful managed to hold out hope for their fellow creatures. There is little doubt that the populations of the Periphery have had more than their share of suffering over the centuries. Many place the blame for such troubles on the Star League and not without good reason. There are indications, however, that times are changing. All Periphery states, whatever their size, seem to be in a state of transition, either from one extreme or to the other. Some are moving toward greater social stability, while others seem headed to greater and viler barbarity. This is the story of a Mal's Minutemen...

Althea's Choice Militia

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