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The planet Tikonov has four major continents: Kazan, Krasnodar, Pskov and Ufa. Of the four continents Kazan is located in the northwest, Krasnodar in the southeast, Pskov in the southwest and Ufa in the northeast.


Early History

Settlers from Terra established a colony on Tikonov in 2177. Mainly of Asian descent, they named the planet in honor of Oleg Tikonov, the assassinated Soviet Premier. By 2220 Tikonov was already acknowledged as being a political leader in the region, and when the fourth Grand Alliance Survey of Populated Worlds was conducted in 2235 it was noted that Tikonov didn't consider itself to be even nominally under the authority of the Terran Alliance. The combination of aggressive political leaders and massive industrialization combined to make Tikonov the most important world in the region by the late twenty-third century, a position that allowed Tikonov to become the leading world of a proto-interstellar nation.

Tikonov quickly became the seat of the Tikonov Grand Union mainly because of its central location in the surrounding systems. Although the Tikonov Grand Union was subsumed into the Capellan Confederation, the industry present on Tikonov, particularly Earthwerks Limited, continued to remain an important strategic asset. During the time of the Star League Tikonov was a joint holding of the Capellan Confederation and the Terran Hegemony but the Confederation regained full control over Tikonov and its industries during the closing years of the Star League Era.

Star League

After a terrorist attack by the Chesterton Liberation Battalion in the later days of the Star League, the Star League Defense Force redeployed the Sixteenth Fleet to Tikonov. It was hoped that the presence of military might from the SLDF would keep the Federated Suns and Capellan Confederation from coming to blows. During their stay, the commanding officer of the fleet prevented his troops from using accommodations on Tikonov. Instead, he set up alternate living spaces on one of the system's moons to help his sailors and soldiers remain objective during the situation.

First Succession War

In 2784 Capellan "civic relief forces" arrived on Tikonov and the nearby world of Yangtze, effectively annexing both planets.

Second Succession War

The First Battle of Tikonov, dubbed Operation LION by the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns, began on the 4th of April 2832 when an AFFS naval flotilla jumped into the system and captured the recharge station at the nadir jump point in a pitched battle conducted wile AFFS WarShips battled a pair of Capellan frigates, the CCS Jiaxing and CCS Zhaoking. With the station seized and the Jiaxing scuttled, the Second Ceti Hussars RCT dropped onto Tikonov under the command of General H. R. "Howler" Greer and fought a maneuver war that saw the Hussars capture most of Tikonov within a few weeks. Unfortunately, the Hussars lightweight, mobile nature wasn't suited to either brutal slugging matches or breaking through massive fortifications; and Tikonov had fortifications in abundance. While the Hussars controlled much of the planet and encircled both the major cities, such as Tikograd, as well as the High Kremlin, a massive former Star League Defense Force fortress, weeks of bombardment by the Hussars' light artillery couldn't breach the defenses. The defenders were unable to break out through the Hussars lines, and began to run short of food and supplies, but after six months the Hussars faced the arrival of CCAF reinforcements in the form of the Chesterton Reserves. With the fortifications on Tikonov potentially acting as an anvil to the Reserves' hammer, Greer chose to withdraw, leaving Tikonov in Capellan hands.

In May 2833 the Second Ceti Hussars returned to Tikonov, supported this time by the Seventeenth Avalon Hussars and the Ninth Deneb Light Cavalry, on Operation LEOPARD; the second major attempt to capture the important industrial world. This time, the AFFS was better prepared, and dropped onto Tikonov with troops, artillery and aircraft suitable for breaking entrenched enemies out of heavy fortifications.

The AFFS forces managed to break into and capture the High Kremlin after a bloody two-week battle, and proceeded to capture the heavily-fortified cities on Krasnodar and Pskov in early June, leaving all of the major population and industrial centers under AFFS control. What the AFFS couldn't do was pin down the surviving elements of the CCAF defending units, who faded into the wilderness and used exactly the same mobile tactics against the AFFS that the Ceti Hussars had used against them the year before. The three AFFS regiments broke down into increasingly smaller elements to try and pin down the CCAF units, and distributed supply caches around the world, only to be foxed by the arrival of the Capellan Hussars on the 13th of June. The Capellan Hussars destroyed many of the AFFS caches, a setback that the combined AFFS units could probably have overcome with time, but MIIO passed on intelligence indicating signs of massed CCAF troop movements towards Tikonov, prompting Greer to withdraw the AFFS forces from Tikonov, much to the chagrin of the First Prince, who rewarded Greer with KP duty on New Syrtis until the end of 2834.

Third Succession War

Tikonov resisted numerous offensives launched by the AFFS during the centuries of warfare that marked the century and a half of the Third Succession War.