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A Dark Night

A Dark Night

Lady Valapart stepped out into the dark Glantri night and drew her cloak tight concealing her features in its hood. The cool night air of the City washed over her, invigorating her every step. She continued away from her home and moved along the canals heading deeper into the West Side Quarter. The city itself had begun to wind down for the night as many of the drinking establishments see all but their most ardent patrons retire for the evening. The trickle of people, many inebriated to the point of staggering and raucous merry-making, filter past her in a steady stream. Lucia does her best to remain inconspicuous as possible as she studies the area for possible villainy. She witnesses a prostitute helping a drunken client down an alley to finish contracting their business; the prostitute helping herself to some of the contents of the drunk's coin pouch. She turns her attention elsewhere.

As Lucia waits in the doorway of a closed shop a pair of large figures step out of the alley across the way and begin to follow a middle aged woman as she hurries along. The lone woman seems to be carrying a satchel of food, most likely leftovers from her job as a tavern wench to one of the many taverns in the West Side. The pair begin to walk faster gaining ground on the lone woman. A slight fog begins to roll off the canals as Lucia slips out of her hiding spot and hurries after the trio. Lucia then hears the muffled cries of distress ahead in the thickening fog and quickens her pace. On the ground in the parting fog is the satchel the lone woman was carrying with its contents strewned all over the cobblestone street. Lucia glances around for any sight of the lone woman or the pair that was following her. The sound of deep laughter and a scream cut short draws Lucia's attention to a nearby alley. 

Lucia skulks to the entrance of the alley and peers down it. The pair of large figures are holding the struggling form of the lone woman. The one nearest the street holds the woman's feet, while his partner hold her mouth shut with his massive hand. He sneers and boast to the terrified woman.

"Don't worry," says the sneering Thug. "When we are finished sampling the goods there will still be enough of you to make a fair bit of coin off of. The goblin market isn't particular on what comes to the auction block."

The lone woman screams loudly but under the sneering thug's grip it sounds little more than a mewling babe. The sneering thug's partner laughs at her screaming with an odd litlting laugh that raised Lucia's ire. She wasted no time in coming to the lone woman's aid; rushing headlong down the alleyway toward the thugs. Lucia swung a wild swing at the end of her charge and struck the laughing thug right in the lower back. His laughing was cut off sharply as he released the woman's legs and crumpled to his knees with a whistling sucking noise. He then began to cough and wheeze uncontrollably. The sneering thug was taken completely by surprise and the weight of the lone woman falling to the ground unbalanced him and sent him foward, careening toward Lucia. Her feet set and herhands balled into tiny fists she swung mighty uppercut and caught the sneering thug squarely on the jaw sending him reeling. 

The lone woman hit the ground with a loud thug, her head snapping backward onto the hard packed dirt of the alley, dazing her. The sneering thug recovered quickly enough and spun on his heels with an outstretched hand toward Lucia, his massive hand back-handing her. Lucia saw the blow coming but had barely enough time to try and twist out of the way. She was too slow and the blow connected but luckily it only clipped her shoulder. The force of the blow was incredible and it sent Lucia sprawling into the debris and detris that choked the alley. The sneering thug stepped forward to loom over Lucia's prostrate form.

"Well lookie here," says the sneering thug. "Seems like I'll get to try out two for the price of..."

His boasting is cut short as Lucia kicks hard backwards and connects with his exposed groin. The sneering thug whimpers once before vomitting upon the ground violently. Lucia rights herself and stands before the sneering thug, grabbing a fist full of his hair. She draws her dagger and snaps his head back exposing his throat. She raises her dagger in the air ready to bring the blade down in a killing stroke. There is a vengeful gleam in her eyes and a snarl twisted on her lips as she stands poised to end the would-be rapist's life. The lone woman's groan snaps Lucia back to the moment and Lucia gives her raised dagger a side-ways glance. She then looks at the two thugs and with a sudden strike brings the pommel of the dagger down on the sneering thug's exposed mouth, smashing his teeth out. She strike the sneering thug several more times, ensuring that vomit isn't the only thing his spits out on the ground. She then tosses his whimper form to the side and helps the lone woman to her feet. The dazed woman clings to Lucia like a drowning person does to a piece of driftwood.

"Thank you," says the lone woman shakily.

"Don't thank me," replies Lucia as she helps the staggered woman down the alley. "Thank Tarastia, for she has given you a measure of vengeance this night."

Lucia stops briefly at the sneering thug's limp form and reaches down. She scoops up a handful of the thug's broken teeth and drops a few of them in the lone woman's hand.

"A gift from the Patroness of Justice and Revenge," says Lucia, holding a few of the errant teeth back and slipping them into the pocket of her cloak. "Now lets get you safely home shall we."

Lucia and the lone woman disappear into the fog fill night...

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