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A Kingdom of Magic

A Kingdom of Magic


In many realms, the word conjures up mysterious images of unfathomable power and supernatural works. Magic is a fearsome force beyond the ken of most mortals. Only a brave and talented few can master even a small amount of this unpredictable power. Not so in the dark realm of Glantri. In the mist-covered hills north of hazardous Broken Lands, wielders of magic abound.

The princes of Glantri, arcane casters all, command powers both mundane and magical. They orchestrate their courtly intrigues using potent spells and dangerous artifacts. Strange magical energies permeate the countryside, emanating from the land itself. Some know this mysterious energy, this Radiance, exists. But only a few can tap into its great power. And most remain unaware of its presence.

Glantrians revel in their wizardly ways. All their laws and customs favor spell casters. In fact, those who remain resistant to magic (such as dwarves) find themselves mistrusted and often persecuted. Though the Immortals of the land keep a watchful eye on the princes' lordly games, the noble wizards scoff at divine power. In this land where magic is the only religion, locals consider clerics little better than criminals. And casting clerical magic against a mage can make an outlaw of any priest.

Myriad monsters call Glantri home; creatures to wake the world's fears and populate its nightmares. Vampires stalk the moonlit streets of a quiet village, werewolves prowl the dark mountain passes. A still deeper horror is that these monsters sometimes live alongside other Glantrians, visiting the same markets and mastering the same spells that lead to the pinnacle of power. Even a mere kobold can embrace the magic of the land to become a prince of his own beastly domain.

You see in Glantri , one’s race does not determine status or favor. Neither does one's family, nor alignment. 

All that matters is the magic...

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