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Religious Affiliations

Most churches do not accept new members lightly, nor do they allow just anyone to tap the power granted by their patron deities. To gain a new affiliation score benefit, a member must tithe to the church as a show of loyalty. The cost of this tithe depends on the new rank sought, as given on the below.

  • Rank 0: 0g
  • Rank 1: 500g
  • Rank 2: 2000g
  • Rank 3: 4,500g
  • Rank 4: 8,000g
  • Rank 5: 12,500g

The first rank, listed as rank 0, grants no actual benefit. Simply joining one of these churches requires no initial tithe, but this rank grants no benefit except membership. Members at this rank typically include commoners who frequent the church but lack the desire to gain further benefits, or the required tithe money, or both.

Secular Affiliations