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Amor Vincit Mortem

Amor Vincit Mortem

"Eu, servitorul zeiței iubirii, numesc sufletul celor rămași de puterea zeiței de răzbunare."

The sound of arcane words echo forth from the Valapart crypt. The Constabulary present at the Cemetery begin to gather outside the crypt; each one jockeying to see inside.

"Te rog, doamnă bună, întoarce-te din abis și întoarce-te la dragostea ta"

The air in the crypt becomes alive with the energy being released from the scroll of raise dead and the cleric of Valerias, Dormer finishes the final verse of the incantation.

"Timpul somnului tău lung este la sfârșit. Ridică-te și trăiește."

The final words of the incantation echo in the crypt before slowly fading into silence, a silence that grows with each passing moment. The look of fear and concern begins to show on Artair's face and Kolivan places his hand on his friend's shoulder to brace him for the worst. Artair reaches into the half-opened crypt and takes Lucia's hand, a slight sob escaping as he feels the deep coldness in her lifeless form. Artair takes a knee next to the crypt and begins to whisper softly.

"Please, Lucia," says Artair. "Please return to us, to me. I can see no future without you. Please bring light back into my life..."

Artair begins to cry. His soft weeping causes all those gathered to hang their heads in a shared sorrow with Artair. A few drops of rain begin to fall, streaking the gravestones and mausoleums with what looks like tears from the heavens. A mild wind begins to grow stronger and stronger, heralding a gathering storm. A sudden peal of thunder and flash of lightning causes everyone to look toward the sky. Roiling clouds, complete with crackling lightning, comes to a head directly above the cemetery; a veritable Storm of Vengeance. The flashes of lightning and peals of thunder continue to grow in number and frequency, shaking the very city. For what seems like an eternity the storm unleashes its fury before ending in an instant... the instant Lucia takes her first breath.

Lucia raises her free hand to gentle caress Artair's face, tipping his chin up to bring his gaze back to hers. She whispers hoarsely to him.

"There has always been light in your life," whispers Lucia. "And there always will be. Your son Connor, your paramour Myev, and each of your companions are bright motes of light that illuminate your life. If one of them dim and fade, the others shine stronger to brighten your path and ease your pain. I am glad I've been given another chance to be a light in your life once more..."

Artair embraces Lucia and Sergeant Grigori lets out a holler of joy. A cheer that is joined by all those present.

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