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The Arcanist

The Arcanist is a notorious, ancient, and utterly insane wizard who resided within his lair, the largest manse of the  infamous Wizard WarrensThe Arcanist seems, in a word, insane. He mutters and chuckles to himself ceaselessly and has difficulty holding the thread of any conversation or debate for very long. Nevertheless, he remains fully aware of threats and hazards, and reacts and defends himself with great speed and efficiency. While in the Wizard Warrens, he has only rare moments of lucidity. At these times, The Arcanist is cold, well-mannered, and dignified and fastidious and meticulous in his habits. He does not tolerate any insult or insolence in any case and remembers any offense or help given his way. He pushes to have his own way in all things, heedless of the havoc or harm done to others in the way. His main hobbies are collecting new monsters and kinds of magic. However, having lived for centuries, he finds very little that he hasn't seen before. As a mighty archmage, the Arcanist has a vast array of spells and magical powers at his command. Inside the Wizard Warrens, he commands all kinds of constructs, magical beast and intelligent creatures of all kinds that are pledged to serve him. He also makes use of countless traps and surprises to thwart anyone attempting to reach his lair. The purpose for all of his actions has been lost to time if there ever was one. Only once a person enters his lair in the deepest portion of the Wizard Warrens will the mystery of the Arcanist be unveiled or so they say‚Ķ

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