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Artair Caird

Artair Caird

You grew up in the Town of Glenmoorloch in the Principality of Klantyre. Your parents left the principality in their youth and adventured across the Known World. The places they traveled and the people they met gave them a view of the world not shared by your fellow Klantyrians. When your mother became pregnant with you, your parents returned home to raise a family. Their success of adventurers allowed them to purchase an inn, naming it "End of the Road Inn". Unlike other inns and taverns in Klantyre, your parents welcomed all travelers regardless of their profession or nationality; an unpopular way of doing business to your neighbors. That unpopularity caused you much grief as a youth, causing you to fight your peers more than once. Though you were never a big or strong as your peers, you used your cunning and speed to win more fights than you lost.

As you grew into adulthood you found no joy in your various professions. Your parents tried anything and everything to keep you in Glenmoorloch but alas you were destined to travel. It was ultimately your younger sister Siobhan that urged you to go and without her encouragement you might not have had the will to leave your family behind. In your brief travels, mostly to the north of Glantri, you met a Half-Orc shield maid from the lands of Wendar. The two of you had passionate but troubled relationship that resulted in a child; a boy you named Connor. The child soon came between you both; her orc heritage and view of the world caused you concern over the harshness of how she wished to raise him. So one night you left and took the babe with you. 

Your returned to your home and your family, worried about how they might receive you and connor but much to your relief they showed no bias and gave you no judgement. Your sister, now married herself, took in Connor and help to give him a stable home and the tenderness of a mother he never felt. You felt the pull of the open road again and though you would miss your son deeply, you left Glenmoorloch once more to wander once more. Though now you chose to remain close to home so that you could return every so often and be with your family.

In your travels across the Principalities, you encountered a few companions that share the open road with you. You all formed a fast friendship and when some of you companions wished to travel to Glantri City and visit the Great School of Magic. You accompanied them even though you had no interest in the arcane arts; it was the chance to travel to the most metropolitan city in the principalities. Your desire to travel hasn't ended but as you enter the city you believe that for a time the sights and sounds of this great city could keep your interest for some time.

Notable Companions

  • Eelco Willehagen: Eelco is my friend because I find a kinship with his rebellious good hearted nature.  It reminds me of how my family responds in their own rebellious ways in Glenmoorloch. 
  • Kolivan: Kolivan is my friend because  I find that I can connect as a father.  He inspire's me with his desire to reconnect with his son's mother, and I find myself desperately trying to hold faith that I might come to an understanding with my son mother.
  • Constantine Lazar: Constantine is my friend because he restore's my faith a person with strong convictions can persevere regardless of the tragedy or challenges that come against him.
  • Hiscubo Shronvrur: Hiscubo is my friend because of the strength he displays in his quest to find his father, regardless of the long road traveled in the lands of the sun.  I enjoy his stories of the exotic lands beneath the ground. The allure of traveling there with him one day is hard to resist.
  • Erhi: Erhi is my friend because she is a puzzle of ever shifting pieces that intrigues me. I enjoy watching the rapscallion way she approaches encounters both personal and professional in her day to day life.

Notable Locations

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