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Aszok's Hold

Aszok's Hold

The subterranean town of Stromkuhldur lies divided in chucks by ancient cave-ins that drove away its original inhabitants. Since then, many factions have fought over this outpost. Currently the Shadow Elves of House Auvryndar and the goblinoids of the Legion of Aszok are teetering on the brink of war over this strategically important area.


  • Ruler: Warlord Aszok the Godsighted
  • Clan: The Legion of Aszok
  • Population: 200 (Approx.)
  • GP Limit: 500 gp
  • Laws: Aszok's Hold's laws are standard for a Hobgoblin society. The strong prey on the weak and the warlord's word is final.

Notable Locations

Notable People

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