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Baik Telor

Baik Telor

Baik is a student of meditation and reflection. Uncommon among the more pratical Traladarians, Baik is a monk who has traveled far and wide searching for various methods of achieving a state of nirvana. His studies had referenced an elven monastic tradition called The Silent Way that was rumored to be somewhere in the Dymrak Forest. The eager pupil set off at once for the rumored locale of these warrior monks and by the grace of the gods found the Temple of Gray Mountain. Alas Baik arrived at a time of strife among the Siswa. An evil man known as The Rahib had arrived and corrupted the Siswa. Baik was easily captured and thrown into the dungeons of the monastery. He was later rescued by Heroes that had come to defeat the Rahib and free the Siswa. His gratitude took the form of aiding them in their noble endeavor.


In the years since his time with the Elves of the Dymrak Forest, Baik has traveled the known world trying to learn various forms of enlightenment, from the floating city of Kron to study their Curling Wave Strike to the far north to pray at the Ruthin Monastery and study their Sudden Willow Strike. The traditions he studied did little to enchance his Chi, until he discovered the Mystics of Lhamsa. Their combination of the martial and the arcane spoke to Baik and he excelled at it, rising rapidly through the ranks of their order. Baik spend many years traveling from the Town of Lhamsa and his homeland, continuing his study of The Silent Way garnering much esteem from the Siswa there, being seen in their eyes as an ally. It was through his connection to the elven race that he was exposed to the organization that began within its people; the Lightbringer Guild. The sad story of a precocious elven child stole away by a pack of ghouls and consumed filled Baik with anguish. He readily joined their ranks and took up their oath of vengeance, an oath that he does his best to fullfill each year that passes. Baik now finds himself in Glantri City's Wizard Warrens aiding another noble cause, the defeat of a Slaver's Guild and the liberation of a subterranean city.

Notable Companions

  • Kolivan: Kolivan is my friend because of our mutual ties with the Lightbringer Guild.  Through our travels he has proven himself to be a worthy companion in battle and I admire his determination to follow his chosen path.  I would go as far as to say his he is more aligned and steadfast in the path than I at times, though not always a wise stance.  It is good, however; to have a companion with the same interests for adventuring; especially one is such good standing with a fey dragon.
  • Renard Crott: Renard is my friend because he is a very interesting individual. Through my travels I have met few, if any, of his kind; especially ones of his exemplary talents and skills. He is an unmatched scout that I stand to learn a lot from, but can never hope to match his keen senses and reflexes. I trust him with my life.
  • Eelco Willehagen: Eelco is my friend because we always need to have "that" one.  He is a bit of an anomaly.  He is a powerful sorcerer in his own right, skillful in the disposition of his craft, and very confident in his abilities.  The last can result in some very near misses, but it's difficult to tell if they are mistakes or extremely well calculated actions.  The one thing I can be absolutely sure of is that I will NEVER freeze to death with him battling at my side.
  • Sir Urik: Sir Urik is my friend because of his steadfastness to his cause, much in the way Kolivan is with ours.  He takes responsibility for his own action and his actions are always just.  It may be a thin line to travel to that conclusion with some murky areas, but his heart is always in the right place.  He is a formidable warrior and a moral compass I can rely on, even when the light is difficult to see.
  • Helion Moonstar: Helion is my friend because
  • Thanis Dentyrgrim: Thanis is my friend because

Notable Locales


  • Score: 18 (Level [14] + Cha modifier [3] + Stronghold [2] + ‚ÄčMoves Around a Lot [-1])
  • Cohort
    • (Arrival Pending)
  • Followers
    • 10 CG High Elf 1st Level Clerics (Splint Mail, Heavy Steel Shield, Masterwork Melee, Mundane Ranged, Knowledge Domain)
    • 10 CG Human 1st Level Druids (Hide Armor, Heavy Wooden Shield, Masterwork Ranged, Mundane Melee)
    • 10 LG Hill Dwarf 1st Level Paladins (Splint Mail, Heavy Steel Shield, Masterwork Melee, Mundane Ranged, Light Warhorse)
    • 5 CN Half-Elf 1st Level Rogue (Masterwork Studded Leather, Masterwork Melee, Masterwork Ranged, Masterwork Thieves Tools)
    • 3 NG Human 2nd Level Monks (Masterwork Ranged, Mundane Melee, Bracers of Armor +1, Cloak of Resistance +1)
    • 1 TN Human 3rd Level Wizard (Alavius Vroneth) (Bracers of Armor +1, Masterwork Melee, Masterwork Ranged, Scribe Scroll Feat)
    • 1 NG Human 4th Level Ranger (Eryen Wynna) (+1 Chain Shirt, Masterwork Melee, Masterwork Ranged, Track)
    • 3 LG Human 6th Level Knights (Shadowbane Stalker Aspirants) (Teodbald the Resolute, Gawain the Grand, Fouquaut the Clever) (Mithril Breastplate, Mithril Heavy Shield, +1 Melee, Masterwork Ranged, Light Warhorse)10
    • 1 TN Human Chronicler (Bard) (Anchello d'Cavio) (Writes down songs and tales about your journey)11
    • 1 Temple Dog (Zuriel)12
    • 1 Enlightened Fist Apprentice (Monk1, Sorcerer4, Enlightened Fist1 (Sago Asal)14


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