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Constantine Lazar

Constantine Lazar

You were born in a small near Siege Fenswick in the Principality of Fenswick. You family was well off for their station; a shrewd ancestor had purchased a few textile mills to work the wool your family harvested from their flocks. Your life might have been content but unremarkable if your mother hadn't disappeared when you were barely twelve. She went to harvest flowers in the nearby forest and was never seen from again. The disappearance of your mother shaped the rest of your childhood. You father, stricken with grief, became distant. That distance caused you to become closer to your older brother and younger sister. The three of you became inseparable and as you all grew older you took more and more responsibility of the family's trade. 

It was nearly ten years later when your father, finally able to let the memory of your mother go, decided to remarry. The match was one born more of a good business deal rather than of love but your stepmother and father did develop genuine feelings for each other. Your stepmother had two children of here own so you gained another older brother and younger sister. The curse of being a middle child was still there and both pairs of your siblings enjoyed jesting with you about it. You came to respect and care for your new family and when your stepmother suggested a marriage of your own you accepted.

Your marriage was a joyous one. You and your wife fell in love at your first meeting and within a few short years you had a family of your own; two boys and a girl. All was happy and good. That is usually when a cruel twist of fate befalls a person and you were no different. The Great War spread across the nations of the Known World. The horrors of war visited everyone in Glantri but you suffered more than most. When the plagues came to Glantri came your wife and children fell ill. There was little chance for their survival with the proscription of clerical magic within the Principalities. As you prepared for the worst, salvation came in the form of clerical help from the Republic of Darokin. The Princes of Glantri lifted the ban on clerics and beseeched their neighbor for aid. Darokin answered and saved a great many lives, your children among them. Sadly your wife died while she waited for her children to be cured first.

You believed that the day your mother disappeared would ever be the saddest day of your life. You were wrong. The passing of your wife was some thing you could barely survive. If if wasn't for the support of your family and your children you would have wished for nothing more than to join her. As you sat grief stricken, a peace came over you. You felt the grace of the Immortal Terra take from you your pain and lifted the haze that blinded you so you could see the joy you still had in your life; your children. You decided that such a gift needed to be acknowledged, so you dedicated yourself to her service. You became a cleric of Terra, albeit secretly. Your service to your Immortal took you from your home and children but your family took them in and helped raised them. As your journeyed you met your companions and learned that you had hidden arcane talent. So when your more mage centric companions wanted to travel to Glantri City and visit the Great School of Magic you eagerly traveled with them. Your most ardent wish is to become a powerful mage and priest to show the elite of Glantri that service to the Immortals does not have to mean an end of the Magocracy. Instead you believe a union of the arcane and divine can only elevate your nation to the greatest of heights.

Notable Companions

  • Eelco WillehagenEelco is my friend because of our common bond of focusing on the evocation side of our arcane talent.
  • KolivanKolivan is my friend because we both believe in law yet have faith in Gods.
  • Artair CairdArtiar is my friend because of his welcoming kindness to all.
  • Hiscubo Shronvrur Hiscubo is my friend because of the bond we created due to our shared loss and drive for answers of our missing parent. 
  • ErhiErhi is my friend because of my respect for traveling merchant who have always done right by my family .

Notable Locations

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