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County of Barovia

County of Barovia

Almost the entire valley of Barovia consists of densely forested rough terrain, with sheer cliffs and outcroppings. Few areas are easily traversable, and it is always dangerous to stay off the road. Winters are usually long and bitter. The sky of Barovia is permanently overcast with storm clouds. Even during the brightest hours of the day, light is unnaturally muted and dimmed, and does not affect normally sensitive creatures such as vampires. In many locations, the mists partially or completely obscure vision. The valley is located between Mount Baratok to the north and Mount Ghakis to the south. Both mountains are part of a larger mountain range known as the Wendarian Ranges. The evergreen forest of the Svalich Woods covered the entire valley, which is trespassed by the Old Svalich Road that runs from East to West. At the center of the valley, south of the slopes of Mount Baratok, stands a large lake known as Lake Zarovich, which is fed by melting snow from the mountain. 


Notable Locales

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