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Crown Haven Crown Island

Crown Island

A bleak stone structure some 40 feet above the cool waters of the Sargauth. Much of the island is surrounded by a wall 20 feet high and manned by trained soldiers. The walls are of worked stone taken from the surrounding caverns. The uniform shape of the walls is broken periodically by 15 square towers topped with medium ballistae and flame cannons. A wooden pier runs along the eastern face of the island, providing safe docking for vessels. The Tower of Seven Woes, which rises high over the walls, is carved from a massive stalactite that goes all the way to the ground to form a massive column of stone from the ceiling of the cavern to the island. This structure served as a torture chamber dedicated to Jammudaru, the patron of ogres. The cries of the victims could be heard everywhere in the port. Few locales in Crown Haven inspire such dread as this unwholesome edifice. The base of the island is just barely visible during low tides during the summer months, revealing dozens of natural caves just above and below the water’s surface.

Crown Island.png