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Crown Haven The Flagon and Dragon

The Flagon and Dragon

This wood and stone tavern is a step up from the Black Tankard. Tending bar is the proprietor, a female Half-Shadow Elf named Cal'al Claddani. Her and her servers always greet their patrons by asking, "What's your poison?" Cal'al took over the tavern after its previous owners fled. She sells two local beverages: a sherry called Amberjack (8 sp per glass) and Goat's Head Ale (4 sp per flagon). She also keeps a few rare spirits behind the bar. If the characters drop a few coins here, Cal'al is happy to furnish them with information about Crown Haven’s other inhabitants and establishments. Cal'al also fancies herself a gatherer of secrets and might share one or two with characters she trusts.

Crown Haven.png