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Crown Haven The Poisoned Quill

The Poisoned Quill

There's not much need for an expert forger in Crown Haven these days, but that doesn't concern the owner of the Poisoned Quill, Tas, who makes money from visitors needing to leave Crown Haven in a hurry. Tas seems to be an elderly archmage. If the characters come seeking an escape from Crown Haven Tass offers access to a teleportation circle spell but demands payment of 50 gp per party member up front. 

Scrolls Available

  • Arcane
    • Arcane Scroll (Dimensional Archor (700 gp), Dimension Door (700 gp)) (total 1400 gp) (Sold Party)
    • Arcane Scroll (Freedom of Movement (1000 gp), Baleful Polymorph (1125 gp), Disintegrate (1650 gp), Mass Bear's Endurance (1650 gp)) (total 5425 gp)
  • Divine
    • Divine Scroll (Animal Messenger (150 gp), Shatter (150 gp), Speak with Plants (150 gp)) (total 450 gp) 
    • Divine Scroll (Magic Circle against Chaos (375 gp), Prayer (375 gp), Remove Blindness/Deafness (375 gp), Holy Sword (700 gp)) (total 1825 gp) (Sold Party)
    • Divine Scroll (Lesser Restoration (150 gp), Shield Other (150 gp)) (total 300 gp) (Sold Party)

Mundane Tomes Available

  • The Enchiridion of Aenos: This flawless compendium is bound in carved wood plates. When used in research, this tome provides a +2 competence bonus to Knowledge (dungeoneering) checks. Price: 800 gp, Weight: 5 lb.
  • The Infernal Incunabulum of Achon: This eldritch tome is written in black wax upon linen pages and bound in leather. When used in a performance, this tome provides a +1 competence bonus to Perform (comedy) checks. Price: 200 gp, Weight: 4 lb.
  • The Elysian Book of Eneus: This libram is bound in leather with gold hinges and fittings. This spellbook contains the spells Clairaudience/Clairvoyance, Daylight, Gentle Repose, Heroism, Illusory Script. Price: 1500 gp, Weight: 6 lb.

Magical Tomes Available

  • The Eldritch Shards of Peukosaeus: This impressive book is bound in platinum plates set with brown-green garnet. An individual who reads this tome, which requires 32 hours over a minimum of 4 days, gains the spell-like ability to use Touch of Fatigue once per day. Price: 360 gp, Weight: 6 lb. Sold Renard
  • The Elysian Codex of Cusoco: This folio of parchments is bound by a fine chain. An individual who reads this tome, which requires 32 hours over a minimum of 4 days, gains a +4 inherent bonus to Concentration checks. Price: 3200 gp, Weight: 5 lb.
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