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Crown Haven

Crown Haven

Crown Haven, also know as the "Port of Shadows" is rumored to be an underground seaport roughly at the third level of the Wizard Warrens with magical access to various coves of the Known World. While rumors of this subterranean domain of villainy persist throughout the surface world, few of its inhabitants have any knowledge of any points of entry.


  • Rulers: The Thirteen
  • Organization: Legion of Aszok
  • Population: 1,000 (Approx.)
  • GP Limit: 1,000 gp
  • Laws: Crown Haven is a lawless place where the strong rule and the weak know their place. If one could consider this place to have laws they are unknown to all but the 13 Flameskulls that wander the streets. Though they enforce these long forgotten laws with a seeming randomness that many haven't been able to understand. 
    • Update: Since the conquest of Crown Haven by the Legion of Aszok and The West Side Six Crown Haven has seen a change in the lawlessness that once plague this city. The Thirteen still pose an inconvenient obstacle to a codified set of laws.

Notable Locations

Notable People

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