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"The known world uses humans as the measuring stick against all other races. They are shorter than a human, quicker than a human, stronger than a human. They have it all wrong. The dwarf should be the race to be measured against, we were after all the first ones here." -Rorik Ungart

Dwarves are noble warriors who excel at metalcraft, stoneworking and war. They tend to be serious, determined, and very honorable. Dwarves favor earth tones in their clothing and prefer simple and functional garb. The skin can be very dark, but it is always some shade of tan or brown. Hair color can be black, gray, or brown. Dwarves average 4 feet tall and weigh as much as adult humans. Dwarves prefer to spend their time making masterpieces of stone, steel, and precious metals. They create durable weapons, craft beautiful jewelry, and cut superior gems. However, they consider it bad taste to flaunt wealth, so few wear jewelry other than one simple piece. Most who travel outside dwarven lands (as traders, mercenaries, or adventurers) know the common tongue of the land, while warriors in the dwarven cities usually learn goblin to better interrogate and spy on those evil denizens of the deep caves.  The information above is for hill dwarves, the most common variety. There are three other major dwarven subraces, which differ from hill dwarves as follows.