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Eelco Willehagen

Eelco Willehagen

You were born and raised in the Village of Altendorf in the Principality of Bergdhoven. Your family are descendents of the original Flaemish settlers that founded Altendorf, though over the years their fortunes have waned and while they still hold titles they lack the lands to go with them. Your family has always had a talent for the arcane arts; the bloodlines of the original Flaems runs strong through your veins. 

At an early age you displayed the power of your bloodline and were tutored by the other mages in your family. The traditions of your family were also a difficult thing for you to follow and were known as a rebellious youth. That rebellious nature was always tempered with a kindness, you were never cruel or ambivalent to others. That good nature rebel persona gained you alot of admirers of the female persuasion and it was one of those admirers that caused you a great deal of strife between you and another suitor. In the end she chose to pursue a match that was more favorable to her interests but the damage was done. The suitor blamed you for her abandonment of his overtures and swore to have his revenge; a vow that did little to trouble you.

You decided to leave Altendorf for a time. Your parents were both well and your older brother could deal with any family duties that came about, so you took this time to travel; seeking fame and glory. Your travels led you to many places and into the company of many people. One particular group of people became trusted friends and companions and when talk turned to traveling to Glantri City to apply to the Great School of Magic you championed the idea. The thought of going to the seat of magical power and to rise through the ranks, held a special attraction to you. In time all of Glantri will know the name Eelco Willehagen.

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