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Eelco's Flat

Eelco's Flat

This small one room flat is on the border of the Port Quarter. It is an old building that has seen better days. It is a simple affair that is at least warm and dry; a luxury in the West Side. Eelco has done his best to ,make his home a comfortable place but there is only so much one can do with this flat. Nevertheless this flat serves Eelco's needs as permanent lodgings while he continues his studies in the Great School of Magic.


No longer suiting Eelco's needs, Eelco leaves this flat's upkeep to his new companion Emil Veneor for more prestigious residence.

Flat's Details

  • Ground Floor
    • Bedroom Suite, Basic (800 dc) Door, Strong Wooden with Very Simple Lock (DC 20) 20 dc; Window, Strong Shutters with Glass and Very Simple Lock (DC 20) 20 dc; Furnished 100 dc.
  • Staff
    • None
  • Upkeep
    • Land Rent: 7 dc 5 sp/year
    • House Taxes: 7 dc 5 sp/year
    • Food/Drink: 105 dc/year
Total Monthly Upkeep - 10 dc/month
Eelco's Flat.jpg