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Emil Veneor

Emil Veneor

Emil is a villager from Vallaki, a town that borders Lake Zarovich in Barovia. He was raised by his father, a hunter and trapper, and never knew who his mother was; his father never spoke of her. Indeed his father would grow cold and angry whenever Emil would question him about her and after a particular violent outburst over the matter he stopped asking. His father died several years ago to the wolf packs of the Svalich Woods and Emil took up his bow and began to hunt the wolves seeking to eliminate the wolves responsible, as if they killed his father purposely. 

During one hunting trip, Emil was attacked by a creature that moved with a speed and grace that marked it unnatural. When he awoke he was inside a cell in the dungeons of Castle Ravenloft. He thought what attacked him was a Minion of the Devil Strahd but in fact was a Werewolf. He had suffered several nights after the attack by being in wolf form hunting the woods for prey. A chance encounter with Strahd left him at the mercy of the Vampire Lord but only his werewolf self. The creature that Emil became was a scout and spy for Strahd as he attempted to gain control and influence over the werewolf packs in the woods. A task if it was successful would have gain Strahd some very powerful allies to guard his Castle while he slept. Fortunately for the people of Barovia, Emil's darker self couldn't succeed in his task and as punishment was gifted to The Necromancer for testing and experimentation. 

When the Companions found him and released him at the urging of Ireena Kolyana, he joined their quest but unknown to him his lycanthropy was a catastrophe waiting to happen. During a particular intense battle at the main courtyard of the castle, the change came upon him and he turned on his allies. Luckily the sense of honor and justice of the companions led them to incapaciate rather than kill Emil. Afterwards they turned the efforts to finding him a cure and Renard Crott has made it his responsibility to see the man cleansed of this curse one way or another. For the time being Emil has joined the Companions and participated in the destruction of Strahd. He now travels with the Companions trying to find a cure and his place in a world no longer under the control of the Devil Strahd. 

Notable Companions

Notable Locations


  • Skill: (4/50)
    • Speak Language: 1 (Lupin)
    • Spellcraft: 1
    • Tumble: 1 (2 CC)
  • Feats:
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