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You were born on the open road; your family one of the few that possessed a paizi issued by the Golden Khan. This token, or passport, allowed your family to travel the Ethengar Khanate unmolested by any of the tribes of the steppes. Though your family were traveling merchants by trade, you called the Principality of Krondahar your home during those rare moments when you were inbetween caravans. 

After the dark days of the Great War you and your sisters saw a greater role in the family business. Your father took ill and wasn't always able to act as head of the household; that role falling on your mother's shoulders. As she took over for your infirm father, you and your sisters took over for her and oversaw many of the day to day affairs for the family (cooking, cleaning, raising the younger children etc.). 

Though your father was ill, he traveled with you all. He never wished to be far from his family and if he was to die he wished to do so "with the ground moving beneath him"; a nomad's wish. These were tough times and you were often sad because of your father's mortality. He sought to ease your worries and would teach you many songs of the road and recount many of the stories he accumulated over the years on the open road. In these songs and stories you found a sense of wonder and curiosity for the lands you traveled through. You sought your parents permission to leave the caravan and try to make your way in the world for a time. Your mother was reluctant but your father always indulged his middle child and gave you leave to go.

As you left the safety of friends and family behind you almost immediately suffered for your naivety and inexperience. The open road is a dangerous place for a girl alone and you were set upon by a band of licentious brigands. These cruel men wanted to take more than your money from you and would have if it weren't for a kind woman named Agatha. She arrived before anything terrible could happen and did things that amazed you. The powers she wielded were strong indeed. They caused the brigands to cower in fear from imaginary things or turn on one another in a bloodthirsty rage. In the end the brigands killed each other or ran away randomly into the night. Agatha then introduced herself as a "wise woman" of the hills here and offered her help to you. 

You traveled with Agatha briefly, but in that short time she gave you the tools you would need to survive alone on the road. She trained you in the art of disguise and taught you some minor arcana to add you in your deceptions. You parted ways, sad to see her go but happy to greet the world once more. The ill-treatment at the hands of the brigand hadn't harded your heart against others, it just showed you to be more cautious in your dealings with strangers. From that point on you traveled as a young man and it was some months of traveling among your current companions before any of them learned of your gender. The revelation did little to change the attitude of your new companions toward you with maybe the exception of Kolivan. He began to give you a deference that he didn't before. You learned to accept it for what it was, a sort of courtly honor that one of his profession feels obligated to give to the fairer sex. He has learned to respect your wishes and refrain for such displays when you decide to walk the world as a young man. 

When your companions all decided to travel to Glantri City to visit the Great School of Magic you were excited to see the sights and sounds of the greatest magical city in all the Known World.

Notable Companions

  • Artair CairdArtair is my friend because  I admire his skill and bravery in battle, never shying from a skirmish. His relationship to his astranged wife and young son shows that he values family, however broken it may be.
  • KolivanKolivan is my friend because while we often disagree on what constitutes a good and honest life, I know his demeanor is genuine. He wears his moral compass on his sleeve, so there's never the concern of ulterior motives or social niceties. 
  • Constantine LazarConstantine is my friend because he is a pillar in our band of misfits. Stable and dependable, if a bit stiff for it. I don't truly understand his faith, but anyone willing to continue practicing their clerical duties in this hostile climate is someone I can trust to stick by me in the hard times.
  • Hiscubo ShronvrurHiscubo is my friend because his direct, matter-of-fact way of thinking, coupled with his typical sarcastic wit, makes for intriguing company. He has a way of using mockery so subtly that most don't realize they're being talked down to, which is always entertaining to witness.
  • Eelco WillehagenEelco is my friend because I feel a kinship in how he throws himself into his passions. Perhaps it's because he's the closest to my age, but the way he dives headfirst into new magics, forgoing self preservation for the chance to better himself, gives me reason to respect him.

Notable Locations