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Father Lucian Petrovich

Father Lucian Petrovich

Father Lucian is the brother to Baroness Lydia Petrovna-Vallakovich and he tends to the faithful flock of the Saint Andral's Church in the Village of Vallaki. He did his best to protect the fears of his flock and give them hope against the Devil Strahd with messages of hope that were more than "All will be well" messages of Baron Vargas Vallakovich. Those actions nearly cost the people of Vallaki dearly when to help calm his altar boy Yeska that the church was protected from evil because of the Bones of Saint Andral intered beneath the altar. His gravedigger Milijov overheard and when approached by Hendrik van der Voort to steal the bones in exchange for a hundred ducats. Milijov was desperate to provide for his siblings now that his parents had passed away and saw no harm in taking some old dusty bones. Father Lucian became desperate for help to locate the bones and have them consecrated once more. Luckily some Adventurers came to the village.


Following the successful return of the bones Father Lucian was offered the position of Chaplain of the Chapel of the Raven. He eagerly accepted the position from his new liege Sir Urik.

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