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Glantri City Citadel Quarter

Citadel Quarter

Visitors universally consider the Citadel Quarter of Glantri City the most impressive part of town. It contains all the buildings vital to ruling the magocracy. The white marble hall where the Council of Princes and the Parliament meet bears numerous gargoyles and statues of historical figures. Next door, the House of Ministers accommodates government administrators and handles licensing and fines. The fortress called the Citadel in the western section of the quarter houses almost four hundred troops (Prince Jherek Virayana’s and Princess Carlotina Erewan’s 1st and 3rd Banners) as well as support personnel. Just south of the Citadel stands the Tower of Sighs, the capital’s dark and dreaded prison. Prisoners wallow in dungeons there, guarded by horrible otherworldly creatures. Rumors claim that a Nightwing lairs in the tower and patrols this entire district. A wide plaza known as Alexander Platz, a favorite place for nobles and the wealthy to stroll, covers the southeast corner of the district. At its center stands a mausoleum dedicated to Lord Alexander Glantri and a huge magical bell that rings every hour. Visitors also will find the Great School of Magic in the Citadel Quarter.

Notable Locales

Notable People

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