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Glantri City Entertainer's Quarter

Entertainer's Quarter

Travelers in the city often make the Entertainer’s Quarter their first stop, as it contains most of the local taverns and inns. The wide variety of food and drink found here caters to every taste and price range. Visitors who like magic should visit the Mages' Hostelry, an expensive but entertaining place owned by the Great School of Magic. Tapestries cover the stone walls of this tower-like edifice, which always seems packed with patrons. Spell power takes care of virtually every convenience for customers here; unseen servants, levitation, teleportation other effects teach students the fine art of Magic Use in Common Life, a class at the Great School. 

Theaters and fest halls offer an array of entertainment: dancing, music, plays, comedies, contests of strength or skill, and trained animal or monster shows. Glantrians lately have enjoyed a distressing new tread; watching combat among animals, monsters, and slaves, usually to the death. Lastly, a few seedy shops selling games, pleasures, and similar diversions offer their wares in this district.

Notable Locales

Notable People

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