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Glantri City Nobles Quarter

 Nobles Quarter

Despite the fact that each noble house has its own siege, most princes (and other house members) spends much of their time in Glantri City. Therefore, almost all of them maintain fabulous residences in the Nobles’ Quarter. Minor nobles, powerful mages, foreign ambassadors, and very wealthy merchants also dwell in mansions here. Among these notable homes stand some vacant houses available to rent. At least one mansion, Solvan Manor, is dangerously haunted; hauntings in Glantri are not uncommon, but even the Constabulary calls this house a threat, as no one has survived a night inside since its abandonment. 

The Silver Raven Inn in this district boasts the finest food and drink in Glantri City. It remains a favorite meeting place for the powerful members of the nobility. To the Southeast of the inn lies a large Temple of Rad.

Notable Locales

Notable People

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