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Glantri City The Curio Shop

The Curio Shop

This shop always seems to be surrounded by curious smells, and an inordinate number of crows lurk on its eaves and gutters. A sign above the door depicts a quasit breaking a wand over a horned skull, and an evil spirit of some sort rises up from the shattered end of the wand. The Curio Shop is one of places in Glantri City that regularly traffics in magic items. The cluttered shop is filled with strange items; spell components and alchemical items on consignment from the alchemists’ guild can be found for sale here as well. Misha Larakti, the owner, is a no-nonsense, middle-aged human that is always on the lookout for new magic items to buy. Since the shop opened, Misha has always had a large guard dog that has foiled quite a few robbery attempts; an odd feat given how quite a few attempts were made by some very skilled and hardened thieves.

Notable People

Alchemical Gear Available

  • Acid Neutralizer: Acid neutralizer reduces the strength of non-magical acid, such as the type found in a variety of common dungeon traps. If you drop one lump of acid neutralizer into a container holding up to 10 cubic feet of non-magical acid, the acid is permanently weakened such that contact with the acid deals no damage. Complete immersion in neutralized acid deals only 5d6 points of damage per round (instead of the usual 10d6 points). Acid that has been neutralized in this manner no longer gives off toxic fumes (DMG 302). Larger volumes of acid require additional doses; two lumps are needed to neutralize a 20-cubic-foot vat of acid, etc. Neutralizer is far less effective against magic acids, which regain their full acidity after 3d6 rounds. If you wear a lump of acid neutralizer in a necklace or carry it otherwise exposed on your body, the lump prevents continuing damage from acid attacks for 1 minute after initial exposure. It has no effect against the initial damage dealt by an acid attack. Cost: 50 dc; Weight: 1 lb.
  • Bottled Air: This strong vapor clears away fog, mist, and clouds in seconds, allowing you to see more clearly. Bottled air clears fog, smoke, and other gases from the square it occupies. If you are carrying a vial when it is opened, you can apply the effect to a single square adjacent to you. That square, and only that square, will be cleared. A creature that stands in a clear square still gains the benefit of concealment from obscured squares around it, but it loses those benefits against foes adjacent to the clear space. Once released from its vial, bottled air lasts for 2d4 rounds before it sputters out. Cost: 50 dc; Weight: -.
  • Firmament Stone: This violet crystal gem has been treated with an alchemical substance that reacts to the position of either the sun or the moon. Even while indoors or below ground, you know the time of day (or night). Each stone is attuned to either the sun or the moon, glowing when the associated heavenly body is in the sky and remaining dark otherwise. The stones are most useful to divine spell casters who must prepare spells at a specific time of day. Firmament stones attuned to the moon also show the phase of the moon by altering the shape of the glow that travels through the stone each night. Cost: 110 dc; Weight: .5 lbs.
  • Lock Slick: Many locks rely on friction to keep their mechanical parts in place. A few squirts of lock slick will loosen those parts, making them easier to open with thieves’ tools. A can of lock slick holds 10 doses. When lock slick is applied to a lock, the substance provides a +2 alchemical bonus on an associated Open Lock check. When applied to a trap or mechanism, lock slick provides a +2 alchemical bonus on a Disable Device check to disarm it. The effect lasts on the lock or trap until it is thoroughly scrubbed clean (a full-round action). Cost: 180 dc; Weight: .5 lbs.
  • Troll Bane: Discovered by alchemists as a safe alternative to flaming weapons, troll bane interferes with the natural ability of certain creatures to regenerate their flesh. Troll bane is a sticky blue substance that resembles tar. It is usually stored in metal jars. Dubbed troll bane because it is frequently used against those particular monsters, this tincture is effective against any creature that rapidly heals its wounds. Troll bane functions like an injury poison (DMG 296) and can be applied directly to weapons prior to combat. A successful hit with a slashing or piercing weapon that has been coated in troll bane will expose the target to the poison. Troll bane has no effect unless used in conjunction with a forceful blow from a weapon, so adventurers can carry it with little risk of exposure. Any creature struck by a weapon that has been coated in troll bane loses the benefit of its regeneration ability (if any) against that attack. A dose of troll bane applies only to the next successful attack with the coated weapon. Additional attacks do not interfere with the target’s regeneration ability (unless more troll bane is applied to the weapon). Cost: 90 dc; Weight: -.

Magic Items Available

  • Potions
    • Oil of Darkness (300 gp)
    • Oil of Magic Vestment (+5) (3000 gp)
    • Potion of Shield of Faith (+4) (600 gp)
  • Armor
    • Heavy Steel Shield (Medium) (Mithral) (+3 shield, Cold Resistance) (28020 gp)
    • Full Plate (Medium) (+4 armor) (17650 gp)
    • Caster's Shield (3153 gp) (Medium)
  • Weapons
    • Kama (Medium) (Adamantine) (+3 weapon) (21002 gp)
  • Rings
  • Rods
    • Rod of Extend Metamagic (lesser) (3000 gp)
  • Scrolls
    • Divine

    • Arcane

  • Staffs
    • Staff of Passage (5 of 50 charges) (17050 gp)
    • Staff of Transmutation (17 of 50 charges) (22100 gp)
    • Staff of Frost (5 of 50 charges) (5625 gp)
  • Wands
    • Wand of Cure Serious Wounds (17 of 50 charges) (3825 gp) (Sold Party)
  • Wondrous Items
    • Gem of Brightness (31 of 50 charges) (8060 gp)
    • Winged Boots (16000 gp) (Sold Eelco)
    • Helm of Telepathy (27000 gp)
    • Stone Horse (destrier) (14800 gp)
    • Manual of Quickness in Action (+2) (55000 gp)
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