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Glantri City The Merchant's Quarter

The Merchant's Quarter

The business district is the center of commerce in Glantri City; one of its most important sections. The quarter's hub of activity, the Open Market, resounds with noise from passing carts and vendors in their small wooden booths. Merchants hawk their goods in this large, flat marketplace, while crowds fill every bit of space between the vendors. Beggars and entertainers (jugglers, actors, buffoons, singers, and musicians) hope for coins from passersby, although the former look out for constables, who routinely chase them out. Pickpockets seek coins in their own way. Permanent shops overfilled with vendors' latest wares crowd the sides of the marketplace. Moneychangers (of varied integrity) maintain a presence in the Open Market as well. 

Many vendors, in particular those with permanent shops, cater to the needs of wizards. They offer spell components, blank scrolls, laboratory equipment, old books, and more. Some even claim to sell magical items; though some are real, the buyer must beware fraudulent claims. Various guilds operate out of the Merchants' Quarter, too, including that of movers, merchants, builders, and artisans. One of Glantri City's main gates, the Towerbridge, rises above other buildings nearby. The wide stone bridge, flanked on both sides by four-story towers, is guarded by a handful of soldiers. Tour guides and gondoliers wait in the plaza beyond to attract newcomers who need their services.

Notable Locales

Notable People

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