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Glantri City West Side Quarter

West Side Quarter

Although once an affluent and luxurious section of the city, the West Side has long since fallen into disrepair. To find the source of this decay, one need only look down; the ground, marshier here than in other parts of town, has proven unstable, causing the dilapidated buildings to sink slowly. The stench of filth immediately makes visitors aware of the high density of people living here, as does the ever-present cacophony of the discontented residents. Clearly, wealthy citizens and nobles have abandoned the area, allowing the poorer elements of the city to fill the void. Now, when locals think of this district, they think of its less-than-savory element; cutthroats, thieves, beggars, and smugglers. Considering the area’s criminal activity, it should be no surprise that the Constabulary maintains its headquarters here. The Chief Constable uses the jail here to hold accused offenders until trial at the courthouse nearby.

Notable Locations

Notable People

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