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Helion Moonstar

Helion Moonstar

Helion Moonstar is the titular head of The Moonstar Family, although he does not take the title Lord Moonstar in deference to his aging paternal great-aunt, Lady Wynlyn Moonstar, who still holds much sway over the family, even at her advanced age. Helion looks after the family's estates and businesses, and administers their substantial wealth. He lives in Moonstar Villa with Wylynd and their servants, and a wing of the mansion is given over to working offices of his organization. Helion is unmarried for now, but recognizes that he has responsibilities to the family, of which he is constantly reminded by his great-aunt. 


Helion has been fascinated by the stories of the wonderous and dangerous depths of the Wizard Warrens since his meeting with the Companions. He has taken the duty of restoring Glyster to his former glory or at the lest giving this once noble ally of his house a honorable death. Despite the protesting of his great-aunt, Helion has determined that if he is the future of his house then he must rectify the past of his house. Leaving the task to adventurers feels somehow ignoble to him and he is resolved to deal with this task personally. Lady Wynlyn has attempted to dissuade Helion by refusing to allow house funds to support his foray into adventuring. Undetermined Helion has pressed forward with The Salvation of Umbraxakar.

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