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Hiscubo Shronvrur

Hiscubo Shonvrur

You were born and raised in Alfmyr in the Shadowlands. Your family had the honor of harvesting the soul crystals that are so important to the existance of your people. From birth you were marked by Rafiel as a servant of his will; a Shaman. It is unusual for males to be chosen by Rafiel but it does happen and went you were but ten years old you were taken away from your parents and raised by the Temple of Rafiel in the ways of the Shamans. When you reached adulthood you returned to your family but not as a son but rather as Rafiel's chosen. Your clanless status among your people is an honor to your family but your sister ever thinks you her brother and treats you as such. When the Great War came to the Known World and your people finally took their revenge upon Alfheim your sister gave you a parting gift as you went to war; a small irregular soul stone. A keepsake she said reminded her of you.

The Great War was a boon to your people but a tragic loss for you. During the battles that saw your people take Alfheim from their surface cousins, your father went missing. It has been years since the Great War and he still hasn't returned. You try to keep the feelings buried inside but you can't help to feel a terrible longing to know what happened to him. If not for yourself but for you mother and sister who have never recovered fully from their grief of his disappearance. That longing has caused your to travel both the Shadowlands below and the sun filled lands above. Your hope to learn something of what happened has led you to a great many places but not so many answers.

Your sojourn through the shadowlands took you to the region known on the surface as Glantri. This land of mages contains a Great School of Magic and is home to some of the most powerful arcane casters in the Known World. In this strange place you have found kindred souls, your companions, who despite their varied backgrounds, treat you with a respect and comradery to your kind you didn't think capable of surface dwellers. These people have become your friends and together you have traveled to Glantri City to gain entry to the school. 

You have not been the first Shadow Elf to travel here but you are a rare enough occurance that many look upon you with equal parts fear and awe. What little temple training you had before you left did not prepare you to deal with outsiders diplomatically and many times your companions have had to intercede when a misunderstanding turned violent. You ardently hope to master the arcane arts available at the school and to marry them to the teachings of Rafiel in a way to help your people. If in the process you can learn of your father you can at least give your family the small mercy of closure.

Notable Companions

  • Artair CairdArtair is my friend because he likes to travel, and in doing so we may eventually cross a path where my father may have also crossed.
  • KolivanKolivan is my friend because his sense of justice reminds me of the justice my people sought against our distant kin in Alfheim. He has also not judged me based on my appearance or following of Rafiel.
  • Constantine LazarConstantine is my friend because we share a similar path in life, but still opposite in some respects. The differences have not been hindrances, but more like a kinship.
  • Eelco Willehagen: Eleco is my friend because his ethical dislike for laws, while still following some, and his disagreements with Constantine and Kolivan on their application has me curious as to how some of these humans manage to operate long term. We also share a similar interest in the magical arts, although even that application seems a bit curious.
  • ErhiErhi is my friend because she is curious and worldly; a great source of information in the areas I have yet to visit.

Notable Locations

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