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House Auvryndar

House Auvryndar

House Auvryndar is a powerful Shadow Elf house of Clan Gelbalf in the Shadowlands city of Losetrel. It is rumored that this house has been taken under the sway of the demoness Lloth and has broken from the teachings of Rafiel. If this is true they are a dangerous foe indeed.

Notable Members

House Auvryndar as an Organization

House Auvryndar main goal is to control access to certain regions within the Wizard Warrens. The purpose of this is known only to the Matriarch and a select few close to her. They wish to gain control over Crown Haven to better transport supplies to aid in their crusade as well as eliminate the presence of House Freth within the Wizard Warrens.

  • Associated Skills: Bluff, Craft, Diplomacy, Gather Information, Intimidate, Knowledge (Arcana), Knowledge (Dungeoneering), Knowledge (Religion), Spellcraft, Survival.

House Auvryndar Benefits

  • Economics: Members of House Auvryndar can receive mundane healing for free at any House Enclave. They can also retain the services of the house's many divine spellcasters at half the standard cost; this covers only the cost of the spellcaster. Any costly material component must be provided or paid in full. Spells that require the caster to spend XP may or may not be available
  • Gear: House Auvryndar places many caches of supplies thoughout the Wizard Warrens. Members of the house may make a Gather Information check to locate a cache. This cache can have any number of needed supplies (see  Table 7–8: Goods and Services of the PHB pg 128). Up to 80 gp worth of supplies can be taken from the cache but it is expected to be returned to the enclave at the earliest convience or in the case of expendable resources replaced at the member's cost.
  • Information: Members receive a +5 circumstance bonus on a single Knowledge (dungeoneering) check whenever they enter a new area, due to the intelligence gained by the house on the various levels of the Wizard Warrens.
  • Access: The house’s relationship with the denizens of the Wizard Warrens can also prove a benefit. A recognized member of House Auvryndar often receives a better reaction from the various denizens, so long as they are not considered enemies (i.e House Freth). This can manifest in a +5 circumstance bonus to rushed Diplomacy checks to avoid conflict or a +5 circumstance bonus to Intimidate checks.

Favored in House Benefits

10​A gift of 1d6 Potions of Pass without Trace or gift of 1d6 Potions of Protection from Chaos
​Loan of a +1 Shattenalfen weapon or +1 Shattenalfen armor for 1 week2,3
​Loan of a minor magic item (non-consumable) for one week2,3
​A gift of 1d4 Potions of Darkvision or gift of 1d4 Potions of Blur
​A loan of a +1 Shattenalfen weapon for 1 month or a +1 Shattenalfen armor for 1 month2,3
​Loan of a nonexpendable minor magic item for one month2,3
​A gift of 1d3 Potions of Neutralize Poison or a gift of 1d3 Potions of Displacement
​A loan of a +2 Shattenalfen weapon for 1 week or a +2 Shattenalfen armor for 1 week2,3
​Loan of a nonexpendable medium magic item for one week.2,3
​A gift of two Elemental Gems (air, earth, fire, water)
​A loan of a +2 Shattenalfen weapon for 1 month or a +2 Shattenalfen armor for 1 month2,3
Loan of a nonexpendable medium magic item for one month.2,3

1 Favors with a DC of 20 or higher always require an additional service to the House

2 A character can have no more than one loaned item of this level at a time.

3 If the loaned item is damaged, destroyed or lost then the character is responsible for the cost of the item. 

House Auvryndar Duties

All members of House Auvryndar are tasked with expanded the sphere of influence of the House as well as opposing the reach of House Freth at any opportunity. They are expected to pass on any information they learn while exploring the region and make allainces that further their expansion into the various levels. While not pursuing the Matriarch's agenda, members are expected to render aid and services to the many outposts and enclaves of the House.

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