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House Moriamis

House Moriamis

House Moriamis was once a notable house of Glantri that was known for their work in alchemy and artifice. The suffered a series of setbacks over the centuries and fell into obscurity. The small house had ownership of a track of land that was necessary for the soon to be Prince Malachie du Marais' plan to create a Principality that was a haven for Lycanthropes of all stripes. He married the  Vicomtesse de Malinbois, Dame Diane de Moriamis, to complete his plan. The house has continued to lanquish in obscurity behind Prince Malachie du Marais and his House, House Marais, which he used the wealthier holdings of House Moriamis to elevate his house.

Notable Members

House Moriamis as an Organization

House Moriamis once held a position as an affluent and influential house, its members having access to a wide range of benefits. However, since the days of the Arcanist, the house has become factured and divided in resources and loyalties. Currently the Vicomtesse labors to undo this decline and to unite her house once more; a daunting task that will require the infusion of new blood in the form of loyal agents and trustworthy allies.

  • Associated Skills: Bluff, Craft, Diplomacy, Intimidate, Knowledge (Arcana), Knowledge (History), Knowledge (Local), Knowledge (Nobility), Sense Motive, Spellcraft.

House Moriamis Benefits

  • Economics: House Moriamis covets items from their past that can show the world of their ingenuity; especially those with clear ties to the Arcanist. Members who find such items are strongly encouraged to bring them to the house. These items are evaluated and the members that found them are paid 65% of their estimated worth. In addition, House Moriamis will subsidize the creation of magic items, reducing the raw material costs by 5%, as long as item can be crafted as an example of the House's preeminence (usually marked or crafted in a way to denote it as a House work).
  • Gear: House Moriamis outfits their agents well; anything less would be a signal of their decline. Those on offical House Business are fully outfitted with mundane equipment at no cost, while those on personal business pay 75% of the standard cost for mundane gear.
  • Information: Members can have magic items identified for 50% of the normal cost. House Moriamis members can make use of current information uncovered by members of their house in the course of their work. While in a House enclave, a member can gain a +5 bonus on a single Bardic Knowledge, Gather Information or Knowledge check once per week.
  • Access: Members of the House have access to house forges, laboratories and workshops as their skills dictate.

Favored in House Benefits

10​Loan of 100 dc/level at 10% per month2
​A gift of 1d3 minor potions (50 gp ea.) or gift of 1d3 minor scrolls (50 gp ea.)
​Use of House contacts to gain a +3 circumstance bonus on a Gather Information Check
​Loan of a minor magic item (non-consumable) for one week3
​Gift of a wand with a maximum base value of 3,000 dc with a maximum of 10 charges left.
​Access to the Great School of Magic for one day
​Use of 1d4 bodyguards (War, Ftr or Rog) for one week. ECL of the bodyguards is equal to one-third the character's level (min 1).4
​​Loan of a nonexpendable minor magic item for one month.3
​Introduction to a noble of The Principalities of Glantri (some of the more powerful figures in Glantri may beyond even the House's influence)
​Aid of an arcane spellcaster with 3rd level spells (Brd, Sor or Wiz) for one week5
​Use of 1d4 bodyguards (War, Ftr or Rog) for one week. ECL of the bodyguards is equal to one half the character's level (min 1).4
​Loan of a nonexpendable medium magic item for one week.3
​Gift of an expendable minor magic item (6,000 gp max)
​Aid of an arcane spellcaster with 5th level spells (Brd, Sor or Wiz) for one week5
​Loan of a nonexpendable medium magic item for one month3
​Use of 1d4 bodyguards (War, Ftr, Rog or higher) for one week. ECL of the bodyguards is equal to two-thirds the character's level (min 1).4

1 If requested favor involves an illegal or dangerous act, increase the DC by 5. Favors with a DC of 20 or higher always require an additional service to the House

2 A character can have no more than one loan at a time. All loans are interest free for the first month

3 A character can have no more than one loaned item of this level at a time. If the loaned item is damaged, destroyed or lost then the character is responsible for the cost of the item. 

4 If the Bodyguard does not survive the period of service, the character must pay for funeral and compensation to the deceased's next of kin (1 year's salary).

5 This service provided is for non-adventuring duties (mostly research or magic item creation).

House Moriamis Duties

Agents of the House must act in a manner that reflects well on the House in their personal time. The House also expects favors and tasks to be performed by its agents when called upon. Whatever the specific requirements this normally equates to, on average, at least 10 hours per week working on task assigned by the House. Agents of the House are forbidden from developing close allainces or contacts with anyone the House considers an enemy or rival without express dispensation from the House; after all sometimes a spy is needed.

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