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In the Walls!

In the Walls!

Fjyrk thlagaz'zana (duergar for First talking stone) felt the vibrations of something large carving its way through the very stone of the halls. Unlike others of it ilk that passed through stone and dirt as a normal creature passes through air, this thin tore through the very earth in a most violent way. Avvar thlagaz'zana (duergar for Second talking stone) spoke in its low rumbling language to his companion.

"Creatures approach brother!" says Avvar. "They come seeking violence, the earth crys at their passing."

"I know brother," replies Fjyrk. "I have more coming from here. Warn the Knurla (duergar for "one of stone", literally a dwarf)

Avvar shouts a warning in Oenkmarian.

"Arm yourselves!," shouts Avvar. "The Hrestvog'knurl (duergar for Umber Hulk) come!"

As his words echo in the nave the very walls begin to tremble and then with a fury stone burst inward with a force that knocks nearby Duergar to their knees. Four Umber Hulks rush into the nave from various points around the room. The warriors of Clan Ironeye ready their weapons and let forth bellowing battle cries; "For Skella!, For Clan Ironeye!, Death to the Hrestvog'knurl!" erupt from all around only to become stifled whimpers as the duergar's eyes fall upon the Umber Hulk's bewildering gaze. The warriors of clan ironeye begin to babble incoheriently, flee at random or throw themselves with reckless abandon at anyone, including each other. The battle becomes a confusing mess with each warrior unsure of the loyalty or disposition of his battle brother. The Umber Hulks roar in delight and wade into the fray, slaughtering as they go. The screams of the dead and dying echo through the darkness of The Lost Level...

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