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Ireena Kolyana

Ireena Kolyana

Ireena is the adopted daugther of Burgomaster Kolyan Indirovich of the Village of Barovia. Her foster brother is Ismark the Lesser. She  is a striking young woman with auburn hair and a stong will. She is the victim of the Lord of Barovia who is a powerful vampire that has designs on her destiny. Unwilling to wait for him to come and take her, Ireena has joined a group of adventurers that hold the promise of victory against her fate.


Upon the death of Strahd the evil that plague the land lifted and the spirit of his brother Sergei was able to return and awaken the soul of his beloved Tatyana. Their love was once so pure, so timeless, so deep that the Immortals allowed him to return to claim his lost love and bring her into the afterlife. Together they walked off into a place free from the pain and suffering they endured in life; reunited forever.

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