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You grew up in the Principality of Sablestone in the small Village of Kern before it became the center of adventuring for the region. You were raised by your mother and her family but never knew your father. He left one day when you and your sister were young never to return. The things you do remember of him are more like flashes of emotions rather than true memories but you are certain he loved all of you and wouldn't have abandoned you all. That sentiment was reinforced by your mother; she spent a great deal of time telling you all about the man your father was and you grew to revere his memory.

The stories your mother told you and your sisters about the honor and moral decency of your father guided your life. You wanted nothing more than to be just in both her eyes and his if you ever had the grace of the Immortals to cross his path. That strong sense of charity and righteousness led you to seek the patronage of an Immortal to serve their holy champion. A cleric of Mitra passed through the Village of Kern and found in you an eager apostle. Everything about Mitra spoke to you and after sometime she literally did. Through otusider agents you were invested as a Paladin of Mitra, a templar of justice. You took to your duties with zeal, protecting the miners that came to plumb the depths of the Kurish Massif mountains.

You stumbled only once in service to Mitra. It was shortly before the Great War when your mother was killed in a freak accident; a runaway wagon struck her, killing her. The grief of that loss caused you to feel abandoned by Mitra; a feeling that left a hole in you. You filled that hole as most men do, by seeking solace in the arms of another. This solace took the form of an adventurer having recently arrived to Sablestone to find wealth and fame in the mountain region. This dalliance caused you to break a vow to Mitra; something that caused you to briefly lose her favor. Wracked with guilt you sought out the Cleric of Mitra that taught you the ways of Mitra and sought absolution for your trespass.

You were given the blessing of Mitra for your transgression and picked up the mantle of her servant once more. You vowed to yourself to not waver ever again. As if to test your vow, by the grace of Mitra, a swaddled babe arrived at your doorstep. That adventurer left your son on your doorstep and a note pleading with you to raise him as she could not. The paternity of the babe was not in question, it was swaddled in the tabard you had left behind and though the mother was not an Aasimar the babe clearly was. You took the babe in and prayed to Mitra for guidance. You felt a peace fall over you and knew your patron gave her blessing to you. 

You knew you were not equal to the task of raising your son so you sought the aid of your sister, who took in the child without hesitation. You then set off in search of the child's mother, eager to help her to return to her son. You came close to finding her several times but there always seemed something that prevented you from reaching her. It was never a tangible thing that kept you from reaching your goal but more like a twist of fate that would put people requiring your aid. So time and again you found yourself keeping your vow to serve Mitra, while the goal of finding the mother of your child was just out of your reach. This pattern repeated itself many times and over the course of your travels you found several companions to share in your wandering. These companions have proved to be fast friends, if not always in line with your code, they at least respect it enough to not undermine it.

When your companions decided to travel to Glantri City to attempt to gain entry into the Great School of Magic you saw it as an opportunity to help a great many people and possibly find a clue as to the whereabouts of your former paramour.

Notable Companions

  • Eelco Willehagen: Eelco is my friend because of his sense of goodness. I see him like a younger brother that needs guidance in his pursuit of righeousness.
  • Sir UrikSir Urik is my friend because in a land of death and despair he was the one light shining in the darkness a light that wished nothing more than to extinguish the darkness in the land a fight that i am more than willing to join 
  • Renard Crott: Renard is my friend because in a time where it had seemed like everyone we knew had turned there back on us be it by the grace of the immortals or sheer dumb luck we crossed paths and ofter a short conversation he was willing to let my actions speak for myself rather than the words of the people of Galantri.
  • Baik Telor: Baik is my friend because
  • Helion Moonstar: Helion is my friend because
  • Thanis Dentyrgrim: Thanis is my friend because

Notable Locations


  • Score: 22 (Level [14] + Cha modifier [6] + Stronghold [2] + Great Renown [2] + Fairness and Generosity [1] + Moves Around a Lot [-1] + ​Has a Familiar, Special Mount, or Animal Companion [-2])
  • Cohort
    • (Arrival Pending)
  • Followers
    • 10 NG High Elf 1st Level Wizards (Masterwork Ranged, Mundane Melee, Scribe Scroll Feat) 
    • 10 LG Rock Gnome 1st Level Rogues (Masterwork Studded Leather, Masterwork Melee, Masterwork Ranged, Masterwork Thieves Tools) (Arrival Pending)
    • 10 LN Human 1st Level Rangers (Studded Leather, Mundane Melee, Masterwork Ranged, Track Feat) (Arrival Pending)
    • 10 NG Lightfoot Halfling1st Level Rogues (Masterwork Studded Leather, Masterwork Melee, Masterwork Ranged, Masterwork Thieves Tools) (Arrival Pending)
    • 10 LN Human 1st Level Monks (Masterwork Melee, Mundane Ranged) (Arrival Pending)
    • 10 LG Human 1st Level Paladin (Splint Mail, Heavy Steel Shield, Masterwork Melee, Mundane Ranged, Light Warhorse) (Arrival Pending)
    • 10 NG Half-Orc 1st Level Druids (Hide Armor, Heavy Wooden Shield, Masterwork Melee, Masterwork Ranged)
    • 5 NG Aasimar 1st Level Fighter (Splint Mail, Heavy Steel Shield, Masterwork Melee, Mundane Ranged) (Arrival Pending)
    • 7 LG Hill Dwarf 2nd Level Paladins (Half-Plate, Heavy Steel Shield, Masterwork Melee, Masterwork Ranged, Heavy Warhorse) (Arrival Pending)
    • 1 LN Human 3rd Level Wizards (Merrich) (Bracers of Armor +1, Masterwork Melee, Masterwork Ranged, Scribe Scroll Feat, Brew Potion Feat) (Arrival Pending)
    • 1 NG Halfling Tallfellow 3rd Level Cleric (Zenace Bramblebelly) (Full Plate, Heavy Steel Shield, Masterwork Melee, Mundane Ranged, Family Domain) (Arrival Pending)
    • 1 NG Human 3rd Level Rogue (Rolf the Bull) (+1 Studded Leather, Masterwork Buckler, Masterwork Melee, Masterwork Ranged, Masterwork Thieves Tools) (Arrival Pending)
    • 1 LN Human 3rd Level Wizard (Mabelle) (Bracers of Armor +1, Masterwork Melee, Masterwork Ranged, Scribe Scroll Feat) (Arrival Pending)
    • 1 LG Human 4th Level Paladin (Gefroy the Vigilant) (Masterwork Full Plate, Masterwork Heavy Steel Shield, Masterwork Melee, Masterwork Ranged) (Arrival Pending)
    • 1 LN Half-Orc 4th Level Cleric (Sorugul) (Full Plate, Heavy Steel Shield, Masterwork Melee, Mundane Ranged, War Domain) (Arrival Pending)
    • 1 NG Human 5th Level Wizard (Runther) (Bracers of Armor +2, Headband of Intellect +2, Masterwork Melee, Masterwork Ranged, Scribe Scroll Feat, Brew Potion Feat, Craft Wand Feat)
    • 1 LG Human 5th Level Wizard (Averhan(Bracers of Armor +2, Headband of Intellect +2, Masterwork Melee, Masterwork Ranged, Scribe Scroll Feat, Craft Wonderous Item) (Arrival Pending)
    • 1 NG Deep Halfling 6th Level Cleric (Wilorin Strongearth) (+1 Full Plate Armor, +1 Melee, Masterwork Ranged, Periapt of Wisdom +2, Brew Potion Feat, Earth Domain) (Arrival Pending)
    • 1 LG Human 1st Level Commoners (Religious Pilgrims come to settle the land)10
    • 1 Temple Dog (Matariel)11
    • 1 LN Halfling Tallfellow 4th Level Adept (Pimrin Earthflower) (tend to sacred sites, maintain them and perform religious rites)12
    • 1 Temple Dog (Hadariel)14