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Lady Luveria del'Quion

Lady Luveria del'Quion

Luveria has studied under the direction of many of the greatest mages of the Great School of Magic and showed a natural talent at a young age. A firm, austere woman, Lady Luveria is confident of her magical abilities despite a recent trauma she suffered while on assignment for the house. She has secluded herself on the House's estates and eschews contact with most since the incident. The situation concerning the County of Barovia has made the senior House leaders to decide to push Luveria forward as a possible match to Sir Urik; her current condition not withstanding.


It has come to light that while on house assignment in the Kingdom of Wendar, which borders the lands of Barovia, she was deceived by an extraplanar creature masquerading as a small fey child. It was in fact a Rakshasa and when her expedition slept it attacked and slaughtered everyone but her.  The vile creatuer defiled her, raping her and implanting its seed within her. When Sir Urik learned of her story he was aghast. It was through his actions that this creature was released from its ancient prison and allowed to roam free; a grevious mistake that haunts him still. Sir Urik revealed this to Luveria and though distraught from the news she did not hold him personally responsible. How could she? She was equally deceived by this creature and what was worse, men and women under her command were slaughtered as a result. She absolved Sir Urik of any wrongdoing toward her and secured a promise from. She asked two things; that he help her track the fiend and dispatch it and that he would help raise and protect her offspring. Though the child is destined to be a Half-Fiend, they are both determined to fight its fate and keep it from a path of evil.

Notable Companions

Notable Locations


  • Score: 15 (Level [12] + Cha modifier [2] + Stronghold [2] + Fairness and Generosity [1] + â€‹Has a Familiar, Special Mount, or Animal Companion [-2])
  • Cohort
  • Followers
    • 10 NG High Elf 1st Level Druids (Hide armor, Heavy Wooden Shield, Masterwork Melee, Masterwork Ranged)
    • 10 NG Human 1st Level Rogues (Masterwork Studded Leather, Masterwork Melee, Masterwork Ranged)
    • 2 NG Lightfoot Halfling 2nd Level Clerics (Full-Plate, Heavy Steel Shield, Masterwork Melee, Mundane Ranged)
    • 1 LG Half-Elf 3rd Level Wizard (Syvis Sylhorn) (Bracers of Armor +1, Masterwork Melee, Masterwork Ranged, Scribe Scroll Feat, Brew Potion Feat)
    • 1 TN Primeval Druid of Djaea (Choanji)10 
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