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Past Adventures

Past Adventures

In Search of Adventure: The story that started it all.

The Forge of Fury: The reclaiming of the lost dwarven hold of Khundrukar.

The Lost City: The first foray into the deserts of The Emirates of Ylaruam.

Rahasia Adventure: The rescue of a maiden most fair.

Hail the Heroes: The recovery of The Shield of Halav.

The Isle of Dread: The expedition to an exotic island.

Desert of Desolation: The death of heroes.

Arena of Thyatis: The new story to start it all again.

Legions of Thyatis:  A Senator gets his due.

Night of the Vampire: A shipwreck, a wedding and a vampire.

Return to the Isle of Dread: A return expediton to an exotic island.

Horror on the Hill: An exercise in adventuring.

Drums on Fire Mountain: A headhunting vacation.

Blade of Vengeance: A family reunion cut short.

The Crown of Ancient Glory: A chance for titles and land.

The War Rafts of Kron: An undersea adventure with an unfortunate end.

The Test of Darkness: An entry exam into magic.

The Forgotten Forge: An assassin, a mysterious blank book, and an offer from a House Moriamis Heir.

The Veiled Society: A shocking murder of a friend leads to the beginnings of a revolt in Glantri City.

Shadows of the Immortal's Wrath: Several forces moving in the shadows seeking something lost from the past.

The Search for Kressando Rosznar: A young noblewoman pleads for heroes to save her brother from himself.

Expedition to Castle Ravenloft: A classic horror story with a classic ending; the Companions win.

Winter's Heart Glacier: Kolivan's larbors to reincarnate Talen Kara

The Throne of the Emerlas: An audition for a powerful Matriarch.

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