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Principality of Boldavia

Principality of Boldavia

In grim Boldavia, the mountains still the winds, and the land remains in the shadow of foreboding clouds. Fog shrouds the principality more often than not, and from within the fog, one can hear chilling sounds of terror and anguish. The nobles dwell in elegant homes while the rest of the populace cowers in hovels, afraid of both the known and the unknown. 

The Boldavian people, a mix of Traladaran descendants and a number of Flaemish outcasts, are largely impoverished; or actually slaves sent to work in the land’s infamous salt mines. Boldavia’s main crops include potatoes, which folks make into a local drink, and garlic, often used for “decoration” as well as cooking. Many in the area become adept at freshwater fishing, making indigenous giant salmon (and their eggs) a valuable commodity. Some Boldavian mages use a special spell to transport ice as far south as Glantri City for long-term food storage. This ice trade operates even in midsummer. 

Boldiva is the only principality in Glantri to continue to prohibit clerics and their spells upon pain of death. Prince Morphail Gorevitch-Woszlany has a special hatred for priests and takes particular delight in overseeing their public execution when his henchmen capture them. Relations with Nouvelle Averoigne have never been good. The d’Ambrevilles, particularly Etienne, have long known of and despised Morphail’s use of necromancy.


  • Ruler: Prince Morphail Gorevitch-Woszlany
  • House: House Igorov
  • Population: 15,000 (Approx.)
  • GP Limit: Varies with settlement
  • Laws: Mage Law
    • The casting of divine magic is a crime punishable by death. The manner of execution can vary but is normally impalement.
    • The use of a divine focus is a crime. The punishment is normally to have the focus melted and poured down the throat of the offending cleric.
    • The carrying of a divine focus is a crime. The punishment is normally branding on the face and loss off the nearest offending limb that was carrying the focus (I.E. head if worn about the neck, hand if in a pocket or a foot if stored in a container and carried.
    • Prince Morphail Gorevitch-Woszlany will personally carry out any of these offenses that apply and in an order to inflict the most suffering. (I.E. a cleric found casting a spell, using a divine focus carried around his neck would have the focus melted down, poured down his throat, then impaled until near death and then decapitated.)
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