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"Never trust a small girl in a dungeon asking for help..." -Sir Urik.

"Why did you shot that little girl in the head?" -Unknown Adventurer1.*

"She seemed to be the only real danger here." -Unknown Adventurer2.*

"The only real danger? Not the Owlbear in the corner or the Ogre over there, or better yet the Gelatinous Cube at the far end of the corridor!?" -Unknown Adventurer1.*

"Nope, the Owlbear was just grabbing a snack in the corner. The Ogre was just chilling in his cave working out. Hell even the Gelatinous Cube was just cleaning up the dungeon. That little girl was alone in the Wizard Warrens, ten levels deep, carrying magical tomes that are clearly to advanced for her... She was definitely a Rakshasa!... Or do I owe her an apology and a Raise Dead?" -Unknown Adventurer2.*

*Ask about a possible reward (anyone is eligible)

Rakshasas are a dignified race of duplicitous outsiders that mostly dwell on the Material Plane. They are reviled as devious sorcerers, political puppeteers and thought to be an embodiment of evil. The true form of a rakshasa is almost never seen due to their ability to assume almost any humanoid figure, but their lavish taste ensure they are almost always wearing the finest garments and most precious jewelry. Their true forms are most commonly humanoids with the heads of Bengal tigers and luxurious fur to match their attire, although it is not unusual for them to possess the heads and features of carnivorous apes, crocodiles or mantises, with high ranking rakshasas being rumored to have multiple heads. The eyes of a rakshasa can range from gold and black slits for felines to protruding, multifaceted spheres for insects but always contained a fiendish glimmer of disturbing, infernal intellect. However, their most unnerving and unique feature is their reversed hands. The palms of a rakshasa face out from the body when the arms are at rest and the finger joints bend backwards to grasp and manipulate objects. 

Unsettling others with their eerily structured hands demonstrate a mere fraction of a rakshasas true maliciousness, as their wickedness rivals that of devils and their avarice surpasses them. Their animalistic appearance disguises a sophisticated personality with an unstoppable lust for influence and material wealth. They combine the habits of a predatory aristocrat with those of an indolent cat, savoring the finest art, music, literature, clothing, weapons and armor while spending large amounts of time lazily resting in their comforts and prowling unseen. Powerful magic, lost spells, arcane tomes and secret lore, particularly those of the evil variety, are of special interest to the born sorcerers. Slaves are collected the same as any other form of art, and are expected to indulge every whim of their cruel master. This served to bolster the already overinflated ego of the rakshasa, a haughtiness they display to all who know their true identity.