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Renard Crott

Renard Crott

Renard is a Lupin Ranger from a pack that calls the Isoile Valley home. His pack has long had a martial tradition of defending the inhabitants from the scourge of Lycanthropes that seem to infest this region of The Principalities of Glantri. Renard grew restless from an early age, growing impatient with his elder's agenda in combating the were-creatures that sought to harm the innocent people of the valley. No matter how many times the intervened against a marauding band of lycanthropes there were always more that flocked to the region. Renard was part of a growing voice of young lupins that advocated traveling abroad to seek out these dangerous beast before they were drawn to the homeland. These young lupins believed that by fighting them outside the valley where they enjoyed the protection of Prince Malachie du Marais they could stem the tide of were-creatures that were invading their homeland. Renard traveled a short time with some like minded lupins before striking out on his own. His journey took him to the Wizard Warrens where there was a sizable Wererat infestation and had some early success against his quarry. It was during these outtings that he met and befriended Kolivan. This young Aasimar Paladin sought Renard's services to aid him in a quest to clear his name and the names of his companions from a crime they were falsely accused of. Renard aided them in this noble endeavor and began to form a genuine bond with these adventurers. Renard now counts himself as a member of this new "pack" and seeks to travel the land aiding them in their adventures while also seeking out his prey in an eternal struggle against the curse of lycanthropy.

Notable Companions

  • KolivanKolivan is my friend because his devotion to the cause to bring light to the darkness outweighs his minor interest in the arcane arts. I also believe our paths have been fated to be intertwined as my path seems to be in guiding him while he is there as a moral compass for our journey.
  • Eelco Willehagen: Eelco is my friend because despite his best efforts and the fact that he is nothing more than a pure arcane caster, I know he intends to use his arcane powers to help the people and the land. 
  • Sir Urik: Sir Urik is my friend because he has an honorable heart and a strong sword arm that has kept him and his order alive through dark times. Also, I believe I can aid him in his efforts to heal his homeland since he seems to have a determination to do so.
  • Baik Telor: Baik is my friend because he seemed to fit into our group seemlessly and has a good perspective on situations we seem to run into. He is also a valuable friend to have in battle, despite his best efforts to cool off our enemies!
  • Helion Moonstar: Helion is my friend because
  • Thanis Dentyrgrim: Thanis is my friend because

Notable Locations


  • Skills: (22/90)
    • Disable Device: 4
    • Gather Information: 2 (4 CC)
    • Knowledge History: .5 (1 CC)
    • Knowledge Local: .5 (1 CC)
    • Open Lock: 4
    • Speak Language: 4 (Celestial, Draconic, Elven, Glantrian)
    • Use Magic Device: 2 (4 CC)
  • Feats:
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