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Return to Darkness

Return to Darkness

The secret door in the basement of the Silver Raven Inn led down deeper into the Wizard Warrens. At the base of the spiral stairs a chamber lay shrouded in darkness. As Kolivan and Artair stepped into the chamber, the torches on the two rows of pillars flared to life. The chamber's ceilings arched to nearly twenty feet at its apex in an archaic form of architecture. 

"This is an old style of contruction, probably dating back to the early days of the principalities," says Constantine. "Be careful, this place is several centuries old at least."

As if almost to punctuate Constantine's statement a small gong rings out in the distance.

"I wonder if that is a welcoming bell," says Eelco.

''More like a dinner bell," replies Erhi.

Everyone began to spread out and search the chamber for anything of interest. After a few minutes there appears to be nothing worth noting.

"I've search everywhere," says Artair. "There is nothing but eight pillars and eight torches. This seems to be a dead end."

Eelco steps forward and begins casting a spell. He then scans the room, honing in on the various magical auras present. He stops at the wall opposite of the spiral stairs.

"There," says Eelco. "There is an aura of abjuration magic there. There must be a secret door that is ensorcelled."

Artair inspects the wall carefully for several tense minutes before declaring it free of traps.

"Eelco is correct," says Artair. "Its a door but I can't seem to find a mechanism to open the door. It's not only hidden and warded, its also locked."

"Hence the doorbell maybe," replies Hiscubo. "To alert those within that there is someone here. This place after all was some sort of lair for at least one powerful wizard."

"Well the magic warding the door makes it impossible for me to open the lock," says Artair. "It is beyond my skills."

"What about that key we found in our first sojourn here?" asks Kolivan.

Erhi retrieves the key from her belongings and tries it in the lock. It works and the door pivots open showing a corridor beyond.

"After you," gestures Erhi to the party.

Kolivan and Artair take the lead and to progress forward with caution.

"If Eelco and I are correct and the collapsed passage way lay ahead, be vigilant for the Shadow," warns Constantine. "We drove it off with our light last time but it will still linger in the area."

"Why did it flee our light?" asks Artair.

"I don't know," replies Constantine. "Hiscubo and I have both referenced the Great School of Magic's library on the matter and we found nothing to suggest that Shadows fear the light. There must have been something else that caused it to flee, something we didn't notice.

"I find it odd that it only stalked the corridor that wasn't engulfed with this unnatural darkness," says Hiscubo. "One would think that something that a shadow would become a supreme predator in utter and impenetrable darkness."

The party reaches the end of the corridor and the path ahead is indeed covered in stone and dirt from a collapse. A diagonal corridor leading away opposite from theirs proves to be the only path open to them.

"What should we do?" asks Kolivan. "Wait to see if the Shadow comes out of the rubble to attack us or press on?"

"The amount of rubble that blocks the corridor leads me to believe that the Shadow can't enter this side of the collapse," replies Constantine.

"It has to do with how their incorporeality functions right?" asks Kolivan.

"Yes," answers Hiscubo. "We are safe from it until we excavate a tunnel through the rubble."

"Well there looks to be a dormitory ahead," says Kolivan. "Lets take a closer look."

The party advances into a room with a door on the adjoining wall as its only means of egress. The room is furnished as if it was once a guard room. It has four bunks with footlockers as well as a common table with four chairs. The wall has racks for weapons, which are currently filled with four halberds and four light crossbows with bolt cases. 

"Fan out and see if there is anything of interest," says Kolivan.

The party begins to investigate the room. As their backs are turned a chair at the table moves slightly. Everyone turns their heads to the sound of a chair being squeakily dragged across the floor.

"Was that necessary Artair?" asks Erhi. "That noise sends a shiver down my spine."

"I didn't move it," replies Artair.

As if on cue another chair's legs buckle and move like legs and it scurries toward Artair. The other chair skitters over toward Eelco and Hiscubo and the table starts to lumber forward.

"Are you kidding me?" exclaims Kolivan. "Hostile objects?"

"What!" replies Erhi. "Wait, don't tell me, you have a code of chivalry concerning furniture..."



  • 303 dc
  • 1,080 sp
  • Banded Mail (125 dc) (35#)
  • Halberd x4 (5 dc ea.) (20 dc total) (12# ea.) (48# total)
  • Light Crossbow x4 (17 dc 5 sp ea.) (70 dc total) (4# ea.) (16# total)
  • Bolts x40 (2 dc) (4#)
  • Masterwork Quarterstaff (300 dc) (4#)
  • Oil of Blessed Weapon (50 dc)
  • Wand of Light 6c (22 dc 5 sp)
  • Scroll of Command Undead, Enlarge Person and Fox's Cunning (162 dc 5 sp)
  • Scroll of Comprehend Languages, Bull's Strength and Summon Monster II (162 dc 5 sp)
  • Wand of Summon Monster I 21c (157 dc 5 sp)
  • Bag of Tricks, Rust (1,500 dc) (.5#)
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