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Return to the Forgotten Forge

Return to the Forgotten Forge

The eerie silence of the western chambers The Forgotten Forge casues a sense of unease to wash over everyone. The condition of the warrens was in stark contrast to the main chamber. These walls were of an obviously higher quality and seems to have suffer little against the ravages of time. The floors are polished marble and show no signs of the accumulation of dust or dirt. A four way intersection immediately presents itself to the party as they enter the corridor. The distance these corridors travel without offshoot or end is considerable; not even Hiscubo can see a deviation in them. Then a sound comes. A plodding echo, like the sound of determined footsteps, from a large creature. The sound seems to get closer then more distance then closer again. It causes a deal of concern.

"Listen," says Hiscubo. "Its faint, so there must be some distance between us, but its there."

"I can't hear anything," replies Erhi. "I'll take your word for it."

"How about we avoid it for now," says Artair.

"Agreed," replies Kolivan. "Hiscubo, which way is it now?"

"Straight ahead," says Hiscubo. "It seems to be receeding to the north."

"Then south it is." replies Kolivan as he turns left and cautiously moved forward.

The corridor continues for a bit before branching a few more times. Each time the party choses a path that keeps the plodding footsteps the most distant. After several hundred feet of criss-crossed and parallel corridors, the party comes upon a door.

"Wait here," says Artair. "I'll check it out."

Artair creeps ahead and checks for traps, conscious of the presence of the plodding footsteps in the distance. Luckily the door isnt' trapped and he listens at the door. There are faint sounds of muttering and tittering from at least two creatures. Artair gestures for the party to ready themselves and he checks to see if the door is unlocked. Their luck still holds, the door is not locked. Artair gives a three count and pulls the door open allowing the party to rush in. The two creatures inside barely react to the party's intrustion. They both glance at the party and begin to speak to each other; loud enough to be heard and in a language possibly understood by those not of their race. The duo's banter is understood by Hisubo.

"Wait," says Hiscubo raising a hand toward his companions in an attempt to stay their hand. "We might not have to fight these Derro."

"The have a sinister look about them," replies Kolivan as he levels his gaze at them and calls upon the power of his Immortal to reveal the presence of evil.

"I will keep them talk," says Hiscubo in celestial. "Their race tends to be evil due to their racial madness but it might not be the case here. Our actions might have stirred up evil intent."

"Keep them talking then," replies Kolivan.

"What are you doing here?" asks Hiscubo.

"Thinking," replies the male Derro Quindal.

"Yes thinking," mummurs the female Derro Qwistra.

"Thinking about what," asks Hiscubo.

"An allaince," replies Quindal with a tittering glee.

"Allaince, yes," says Qwistra. "Allaince against the Dragon."

"Dragon!?" exclaims Hiscubo slipping from Oenkmarian to Glantrian. 

"There is a Dragon?" says Constantine a bit of concern in his voice.

The party unleashes a barrage of questions toward Hiscubo; size, color, location etc.

"Give me a minute and I'll find out," replies Hiscubo.

The parley continues for sometime. The Derro's excitment rises as they converse, almost bordering on glee. They brandish their weapons and begin to coat them in poison. They gesture toward the opposite door and beckon for the party to follow. Hiscubo turns to Kolivan who by now knows without a doubt they are evil and relays what he was told.

"They are here in service of a Savant," says Hiscubo. "A sort of mentor that teaches the ways of magic to students such as them."

"Where is the Savant now?" asks Eelco

"Dead," replies Hiscubo. "The dragon ate him."

"That's good," says Erhi with a nervous chuckle. "Maybe it will be too full to want to eat anyone else."

"What color is it?" asks Constantine.

"If their description is correct I believe Copper," replies Hiscubo.

"Well that's possibly good," says Constatine. "Metallic dragons tend to treat others decently."

"So it will politely eat us then?" asks Erhi laughing.

"Exactly," says Constantine trying to lighten the mood.

"The want to ally with us against the dragon," says Hiscubo looking mostly at Kolivan. "There is not mistaking it. These Derro are typical of their race; cruel and unreliable at best."

Kolivan wavers on what to do, eyeing the poisoned weapons of the Derro. Everything in him screams to walk away and keep a distance from these creatures. 

"We keep them with us and confront the dragon." says Kolivan. "But I will not ally myself with them regardless of the disposition of the dragon."

"Let's go visit a dragon with two mad dwarves with us," says Erhi with a chuckle. "I see nothing bad happening there..."



  • 393 dc
  • Antitoxin x3 (25 dc ea.) (75 dc total) (1 used, Artair and Hiscubo
  • Small Short Sword x2 (5 dc) (10 dc total) (Sold)
  • Small Light Repeating Crossbow (125 dc) (250 dc total) (Sold)
  • Half-Plate Armor (300 dc) Kolivan
  • Gauntlets of Fumbling (650 dc) Artair
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