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Sir Urik

Sir Urik Rallen

The lands of Barovia was always a place of darkness and supersition. It's people lived under the specter of death their entire lives; the things that went bump in the are very real. As such their has always been a need for a knightly order to protect the helpless of the land. The Knights of the Raven was an order born to safeguard Barovia against any evil that might plague it and Siege Ravenloft was the order's home. The House that once proudly supported the order turned on the knighthod driving them from their ancestral Siege causing the order to all but vanish. 

Your uncle, Konstantin Rallen, was the last of the Knights of the Raven and raised you from an early age when your parents were slain during the Summer of Sadness. The Siege had been left abandoned by the Zarovich line and your Uncle took you to the chapel in the castle to induct you formally into the order on your sixteenth birthday. You had barely been a knight for a year when the current Lord returned to the Siege to rule his lands after years of neglect. You and your Uncle fought bravely against the Lord's retainers but it was clear that you were no match for them. Your uncle ordered you to flee as he drew the lord and his retainers away. You made good your escape but in horror you watched him be slain on the battlements by a lieutenant of the Lord; Kavan the Grim. Kavan took your uncle's body and tossed it from the battlements in victory. The cruel warlord didn't even bother to take a trophy from your uncle, instead discarding his sword as if it meant nothing to him. You collected your uncle's remains later and laid him to rest in a secluded hollow in the Svalich Woods. You took up his arms and armor and vowed to stand vigil against the evil that once more crept into your lands. 

You kept that vow as best you can, crossing swords with the retainers of the lord many times over the years. You have yet been able to best Kavan but each time you have been able to make good your escape to fight another day. You had begun to lose hope until a band of heroes arrived in Barovia to stand against the Lord and his darkness. You have joined their noble quest and look forward to the day when he is driven from your order's manse and you can begin the task of rebuilding your order. 

Notable Companions

  • Hurrn: Hurrn is my celestial raven spirit guide. He has been ever at my side in my fight against evil. He was for the longest time my only friend and I have been grateful to the forces of goodness for sending him too me.
  • Renard Crott: Renard is my friend because we are brothers in arms against the Darkness. His valor in battle is amazing. Appearances are deceiving he looks similar to werewoles but he is noble and seeks to protect the weak. He fights like no other I have seen. He has been our backbone in every journey. He is one of my brothers on this Journey. Not just a companion but a brother
  • Kolivan: Kolivan is my friend because he is a man of noble bearing that seeks to aid the light and good. Our Gods are allies which makes us brothers on this journey. While have had diffrences lately while we are Working toward a good cause. I am Glad Kolivan is here it good to have others of my calling that I can call Brother. We have sweat and bled through all the same trials and many more are to come.
  • Eelco Willehagen: Eelco is my friend because he is good man even if our views on law differ, he means well. He is my brother we have both bled and sweat through may trials and tasks in our journey. While our tactics differ we work well together on these journies. We have held each others lives in our hands many times. I know I can count on him he is one of my Brothers
  • Baik Telor: Baik is my friend because he is man of law and goodness. He strives to end the curse of undeath, in this we are in unison. His calling brought us together while we were fighting to free Crown Haven from the Xarathan guild and all its evil allies. We have become brothers in arms because of this crucible of war. While our codes are different we strive to bring hope to the hopless and light to the darkness... With his magic missiles. Since the struggle to free Crown Haven our companionship have all bled and overcome obstacles we could not have without his aid and for that our bond has become unshakable.
  • Lady Luveria del'Quion: Luveria is my wife and partner. While we originally met through House Moriamis as I was searching for a good soul to help me protect the people of Barvoia as I can not legally hold title nor lands. She has been my rock in this sea of Glantri. She was harmed because of my actions in Barovia which freed an imprisoned Rakshasa. When I explained how the creature was freed I feared she would have nothing to do with me. She took time and thankfully forgave me because the creature had deceived her as well; a deceit that too caused harm to others. This Rakshasa had forced itself on her and had left her with child. She was consumed with fear that her Half-Fiend offspring would walk a path of darkness and continue to spread evil like its sire. I promised her that I would stand by her, help her raise the child and keep it from darkness. I vowed that I would seek out this Rakshasa and destroy it so that it can hurt no one else. With these vows to each other we were wed moments for before Lorcan (her son) was born with a Shepherd of Rad and the midwives as witnesses. She was almost lost in child birth but thanks to the gifts given to me by my Immortal Patron she survived. Every moment my companions and I are not in the Wizard Warrens I spend time with them. I will be a good husband to her, a loving father to Lorcan. Luveria in turn will be the Lady of Barovia and I will be the land's defender.
  • Helion Moonstar: Helion is my friend because
  • Thanis Dentyrgrim: Thanis is my friend because

Notable Locations


  • Score: 21 (Level [14] + Cha modifier [5] + Stronghold [2] + Great Renown [2] + Fairness and Generosity [1] + Moves Around a Lot [-1] + ​Has a Familiar, Special Mount, or Animal Companion [-2])
  • Cohort
    • (Arrival Pending)
  • Followers
    • 10 LG Human 1st Level Clerics (Splint Mail, Heavy Steel Shield, Masterwork Melee, Mundane Ranged, Sun Domain)
    • 10 LN Human 1st Level Wizards (Masterwork Ranged, Mundane Melee, Scribe Scroll Feat)
    • 10 NG Half-Orc 1st Level Fighters (Masterwork Banded Mail, Heavy Steel Shield, Masterwork Melee, Mundane Ranged)
    • 10 NG Human 1st Level Druids (Hide Armor, Heavy Wooden Shield, Masterwork Melee, Masterwork Ranged)
    • 10 NG Human 1st Level Rangers (Studded Leather, Mundane Melee, Masterwork Ranged)
    • 10 NG Wild Elf 1st Level Barbarians (Masterwork Scale, Masterwork Melee, Mundane Ranged)
    • 6 NG Wild Elf 2nd Level Sorcerers (Former Lycanthropes of Svalich Woods(Bracers of Armor +1, Masterwork Melee, Masterwork Ranged)
    • 1 LN Human 3rd Level Monk of Lhamsa (Oktai(Masterwork Ranged, Mundane Melee, Bracers of Armor +1, Cloak of Resistance +1)
    • 1 NG Halfling, Tallfellow 3rd Level Rogue (Danorin Brightwood) (+1 Studded Leather, Masterwork Buckler, Masterwork Melee, Masterwork Ranged)
    • 1 NG Wood Elf 3rd Level Ranger (Alarise Valerien) (Masterwork Studded, Master Melee, Masterwork Ranged, Cloak of Elvenkind)
    • 1 LG Mountain Dwarf 4th Level Fighter (Torgga Garethdottir(Masterwork Full Plate, Masterwork Heavy Steel Shield, +1 Melee, Masterwork Ranged)
    • 1 NG High Elf 4th Level Wizard (Indilmith) (Bracers of Armor +1, Masterwork Melee, Masterwork Ranged, Cloak of Resistance +1, Scribe Scroll Feat)
    • 1 NG Wild Elf 5th Level Sorcerer (Mialee Greenleaf) (Former Lycanthrope of Svalich Woods) (Bracers of Armor +2, Cloak of Charisma +2, Masterwork Melee Masterwork Ranged)
    • 1 LG Half-Celestial 2nd Level (ECL 6) Monk (Barrattiel) (Masterwork Melee, Mundane Ranged, Brooch of Shielding 101c)
    • 5 LG Human 5th Level Knights (Knight of the Raven Aspirants) (Amfrid the Gracious, Guinemar of the Ice, Madlin the Fair, Murienne the Unbreakable, Gibbon the Honest) (Masterwork Full Plate, Masterwork Heavy Steel Shield, +1 Melee, Masterwork Ranged, Heavy Warhorse)10
    • 10 LG Human 1st Level Commoners (Religious Pilgrims come to settle the land)11
    • 1 Couatl (Citlalan) (Pledged to protect the lands of Barovia for a year and a day once called).12
    • 6 LG Human 5th Level Knights (Knight of the Raven Aspirants) (Lambard the Little, Galter the Lion, Arthurus the Slayer, Claremonde of the Spring, Egelina the Yellow, Bele the Agile) (Masterwork Full Plate, Masterwork Heavy Steel Shield, +1 Melee, Masterwork Ranged, Heavy Warhorse)14


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