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Sir Urik

Sir Urik

The lands of Barovia was always a place of darkness and supersition. It's people lived under the specter of death their entire lives; the things that went bump in the very real. As such their has always been a need for a knightly order to protect the helpless of the land. The Knights of the Raven was an order born to safeguard Barovia against any evil that might plague it and Siege Ravenloft was the order's home. The House that once proudly supported the order turned on the knighthod driving them from their ancestral Siege causing the order to all but vanish. 

Your uncle was the last of the Knights of the Raven and raised you from an early age when your parents were slain during the Summer of Sadness. The Siege had been left abandoned by the Zarovich line and your Uncle took you to the chapel in the castle to induct you formally into the order on your sixteenth birthday. You had barely been a knight for a year when the current Lord returned to the Siege to rule his lands after years of neglect. You and your Uncle fought bravely against the Lord's retainers but it was clear that you were no match for them. Your uncle ordered you to flee as he drew the lord and his retainers away. You made good your escape but in horror you watched him be slain on the battlements by a lieutenant of the Lord; Kavan the Grim. Kavan took your uncle's body and tossed it from the battlements in victory. The cruel warlord didn't even bother to take a trophy from your uncle, instead discarding his sword as if it meant nothing to him. You collected your uncle's remains later and laid him to rest in a secluded hollow in the Svalich Woods. You took up his arms and armor and vowed to stand vigil against the evil that once more crept into your lands. 

You kept that vow as best you can, crossing swords with the retainers of the lord many times over the years. You have yet been able to best Kavan but each time you have been able to make good your escape to fight another day. You had begun to lose hope until a band of heroes arrived in Barovia to stand against the Lord and his darkness. You have joined their noble quest and look forward to the day when he is driven from your order's manse and you can begin the task of rebuilding your order. 

Notable Companions

  • Hurrn: Hurrn is my celestial raven spirit guide. He has been ever at my side in my fight against evil. He was for the longest time my only friend and I have been grateful to the forces of goodness for sending him too me.
  • Renard Crott: Renard is my friend because we are fighting to bring peace to my homeland. His valor in battle is amazing. Appearances are deceiving he looks similar to werewoles but he is noble and seeks to protect the weak.
  • Hiscubo Shronvrur: Hiscubo was my friend because we journeyed the same path to seek justice and freedom for these lands.  He always seemed to have the correct spells for the situation.  
  • Kolivan: Kolivan is my friend because he is a man of noble bearing that seeks to aid the light and good. Our Gods are allies which makes us brothers on this journey.
  • Eelco Willehagen: Eelco is my friend because he is good man even if our views on law differ, he means well. He will need aid to attone for the death he caused. He will need a friend to help gain the forgiveness and tolerance of the locals.
  • Baik Telor: Baik is my friend because

Notable Locations


  • Score: 17 (Level [11] + Cha modifier [4] + Stronghold [2] + Great Renown [2] + Fairness and Generosity [1] + Moves Around a Lot [-1] + ​Has a Familiar, Special Mount, or Animal Companion [-2])
  • Cohort
    • (Arrival Pending)
  • Followers
    • 10 Human 1st Level Clerics (Splint Mail, Heavy Steel Shield, Masterwork Melee, Mundane Ranged)
    • 10 Human 1st Level Wizards (Masterwork Ranged, Mundane Melee, Scribe Scroll Feat)
    • 10 Half-Orc 1st Level Fighters (Masterwork Banded Mail, Heavy Steel Shield, Masterwork Weapon, Mundane Ranged)
    • 3 Wild Elf 2nd Level Sorcerers (Former Lycanthropes of Svalich Woods(Bracers of Armor +1, Masterwork Weapon, Masterwork Ranged)
    • 1 Human 3rd Level Monk of Lhamsa (Masterwork Ranged, Mundane Melee, Bracers of Armor +1, Cloak of Resistance +1,)
    • 1 Mountain Dwarf 4th Fighter (Torgga Garethdottir) (Masterwork Full Plate, Masterwork Heavy Steel Shield, +1 Melee Weapon, Masterwork Ranged)
  • Special Followers
    • 5 Human 5th Level Knights (Knight of the Raven Aspirants) (Masterwork Full Plate, Masterwork Heavy Steel Shield, +1 Melee Weapon, Masterwork Ranged, Heavy Warhorse)


  • Skill: (5/64)
    • Knowledge/Local: 2
    • Knowledge/Nobility: 2
    • Speak Language: 1 (Lupin)
  • Feats:
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