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Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty

Once again the rains common to Glantri City cascade of the nearby buildings and pool in the streets. Erhi, Eelco and Kolivan make their way to the Nobles Quarter to seek out the Ambermead House. This estate is the home of the Ambermeads, a family that has made their fortunes in wines and owns a large number of vineyards in the countryside around the city. The three companions reach their destination and stand before a solidly constructed mansion that seems to have been built for pratical service than an ostentatious display of wealth. Though the manison does seem a bit run-down, its grounds overgrown and unkempt. The coat of arms above the door depicts a silver hound leaping over the moon on a field of black.

"This is the place?" asks Kolivan. "It looks out of place around all these other mansions."

"That's what my sources said," replies Erhi. "Tobias Ambermead's elderly cousin recently passed away. She was buried a week before Lucia and the Ambermead mausoleum was one of the many that we believe were trespassed against."

"The word is that the family's fortunes have fallen on hard times," says Eelco. "So Tobias might be agreeable to entertaining the thought of opening his family crypts to inspection. If we can get proof of something nefarious then we can get the Valapart crypt opened as well."

"Okay," replies Kolivan. "Let us waste no more time."

Kolivan walks up to the door and grabs ahold of the striker. He rapped the door three times and then steps back to join his companions. A few moments pass before the sound of approaching footsteps herald the opening of the door. A middle-aged man dressed in the garb of a Majordomo answers the door.

"Good evening." says the Majordomo. "May I help you?"

"Yes good sir," replies Erhi stepping forward, dressed in her courtier's outfit. "We are humble servants of the late Lucia Valapart and we seek an audience with your master, Lord Tobias Ambermead."

"What may I ask is this in regards too?" says the Majordomo.

"We believe that there has been a rash of recent break-ins in the Cemetery through the use of magic," replies Eelco, doing his best to present his courtier outfit without being churlish in the attempt. "We wish to plead for aid from Lord Ambermead to help prove this."

"If I may be so blunt," says the Majordomo. "Why is this any concern of Lord Ambermead?"

Kolivan clears his throat and steps alongside his companions, clad with his arms and armor, the heraldry of Mitra displayed proudly.

"Not to be indelicate good sir," says Kolivan. "There is evidence that Lady Ambermead's recent burial was also tampered with. The patriarch of the Valaparts is currently unavailable to seek justice in this matter, and we cannot act in his stead with the Constabulary or the Temple of Rad. So we are here to petition him to aid both his house and the Valapart house in this matter."

The Majordomo eyes them each with cautious suspicion before stepping back from the door and gesturing for them to enter.

"I will annouce you to Lord Ambermead," says the Majordomo. "I will have to request that you relieve yourselves of any weapons you might have. This young man will see that they are taken good care of."

A young servant steps forward and bows. Erhi, Eelco and Kolivan relinquish their arms and follow the Majordomo to a study.

"Please remain here," says the Majordomo. "I shall return shortly with my Lord's response."

The Majordomo then closes the doors to the study. The companions glance about the study and note its spartan appearance. Erhi turns to Kolivan and Eelco.

"Well it looks like the rumors were true," say Erhi. "What little wealth is represented here is archaic to say the least."

"It doesn't matter," replies Kolivan. "We need to convince him to help us, so lets focus on the task at hand."

"Relax Kolivan," says Eelco. "We are focused. I'm not worried about us. I'm worried about the others and their search for a person who can use the scroll without failure. I don't want to think of the possibility of coming this close and ruining the attempt with a failed casting."

The doors to the study open and man with his youth beginning to fade steps into the room. His noble attire is dated but well-maintained. He is good-looking and by his swagger upon entering the room he knows it. He smiles when his gaze falls on Erhi and he makes a gentlemanly show of greeting her, complete with the kissing of the hand and a bow.

"You are an exquisite beauty," says Lord Ambermead. "It is sad that we must meet in such unsavory circumstances. Please sit and tell me how I can aid a damsel in distress."

Eelco leans to Kolivan and whispers in celestial.

"Well this is going to be easy," say Eelco.

"Why is that?" replies Kolivan in kind.

Eelco chuckles under his breath.

"They are called boobs Kolivan," replies Eelco. "He didn't stand a chance..."



  • Peaceful relations with possible future neighbors. (Unknown Value)
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